Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Eat my fruit

In a breath of silence; two shadows meet and melt in small dew drops on open lips of an Iris. In the gaps,  wind roars, the scent of love ascends the seashell sings the red rose blooms, the dream of... Continue Reading →

Landscape of change

Where all these will lead?! The storm of change Un-root living trees of pain bedded inside the poet’s heart; mirrors are breaking; clouds are moving forward. Landscapes of change gives you everything you need To begin a new life, a... Continue Reading →

Shooting star, new poem 

From one wave to another one, Heart jumps, Eyes cry Lips smile. And the inner child knows Her journey is full of bliss! She might feel alone, fearful and confused These are all good, her veins are full of blood,... Continue Reading →

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