A White butterfly

I had an encounter with a white butterfly, Fell under spell of her white wings, I thought the entire day was passed. When I look at the time, it was my whole life. Now when I see my reflection in water, My white wings shine and make music with wanderer air. 14.07.2018 Serena

A new day

Love moves tenderly Around the bridge Between I and you! In our God-likeness We gaze into our divine destiny, Silently and wholeheartedly We cross over To a New everything, Like a rainbow children, Like an ancient lovers. My humming ends In joy of our union. Fire and Ice, Heart and mind, together, Human and Spirit….

Peace prayer

Deep peace of the running wave to you, of water flowing, rising and falling, sometimes advancing, sometimes receding… May the stream of your life flow unimpeded! Deep peace of the running wave to you! Deep peace of the flowing air to you, which fans your face on a sultry day, the air which you breathe…