Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



New Year and new changes

Beloveds,  this is my last post for sometime, I like to sink deeper into moments and also offer and surrender my being fully to the role that is mine to take on, walk and expand through it in 2018. I... Continue Reading →


Passion of God 

Please note:This poem is sexually explicit, 18+ If I can not see you, If I can not touch you, Across the chasm of time, I reach out with all of wilderness of heart, To taste the curve of your lips,... Continue Reading →

To you ~

There is a song in my heart, Flower of our lovemaking, Reaching out. Into stars.  I risked everything  For a moment  Gazing into your eyes, Touch your skin With fire of my belly  And hunger of my lips. My heart... Continue Reading →

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