Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Human, soul, God

​We deserve truly meet ourselves as life. To go beyond vulnerability, to touch the essence and trust every conscious choice align with truth as it raise from light and dark river of existence  which every moment and step in duality... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Love – repost

Silence, I speak with you with closed lips, Silence, I grow roots that moves the mystic night in me, a fruit tree full of waiting owns no seed, no fruit, just a house crying loud to be soaked with water... Continue Reading →

Natural way of life

Each drop, Each leaf, Each tree is a silent participant, Experiencing The greatness of existence, The natural way. Seeing magic and wonder In each moment, Delighted in the way things turn out, effortless. Amazed at the beauty of creation. Knowing,... Continue Reading →

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