Eternal Queen

Queen of light, wrapped in her white feathers, Stops at my place, with a surprise gift in her hands. A silver shiny ball, Felt like a lightning When she put it between my palms, It was the big bang, Birth of Eternity. I became, An empty space, For the breath of life, To pass, opens…

A White butterfly

I had an encounter with a white butterfly, Fell under spell of her white wings, I thought the entire day was passed. When I look at the time, it was my whole life. Now when I see my reflection in water, My white wings shine and make music with wanderer air. 14.07.2018 Serena

A new day

Love moves tenderly Around the bridge Between I and you! In our God-likeness We gaze into our divine destiny, Silently and wholeheartedly We cross over To a New everything, Like a rainbow children, Like an ancient lovers. My humming ends In joy of our union. Fire and Ice, Heart and mind, together, Human and Spirit….