Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Return of a bird

There are lovers content with longing. I’m not one of them. -Rumi Burn me in Fire of Truth, scatter my dust into wind. In my nothingness, I see everything.  Listen, hear the poem humming in my silence. I have lived... Continue Reading →


This is Autumn

We met over a conversation. Pairs of eyes and a new silver day, Fruits and piece of bread. We waited to pay our bills While orange leaves fell into gravity of time. I didn’t want our gaze to end. It... Continue Reading →

Orgasm – repost

The strings of my heart Trembles under your finger tips touch The secret melody between us; is life. Words of rain and silence Small share of happiness; everything is gone. Now; my flesh and your song; Soft kind feminine; all... Continue Reading →

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