Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



The Chasm of everything 

My love, watch my lips moving on wounds of offering on the ground of your love as my heart ripen in wine and my soul burnt in fire of passion, They say, I long for eternal, They say, I overcome... Continue Reading →


Making love

‚ÄčThe root of beauty has pierced my soul, And the marvel of passion has carved thousands lines on palms of my heart. Ending is close, the wounds are bare and my soul is fertile. Inside me, borders are disappearing in... Continue Reading →

Beloved poetry …

Heart gets heavy, Before you come, I must change again, Before dawn. I hear your footsteps, Heart trembles, And body becomes weightless. Something races in my blood, And my womb expands In a new air. Alert, quiet, passionate, in love... Continue Reading →

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