The Red Earth

At this still point on earth,
Everything unfolds
Between light and dark.

the little pieces by the hallway
Are the repeated call
Over the selection of songs
In one album
Called “ Spirit ”.

Inside heads and hearts
Change swims in a shape
Of drops
Touch the depth of existence
In all living souls.

The red Earth
Is on a rise
To meet sky,
the sacred horizons
the house of Heaven’s rainbows.

Pillars of faith
grows outside
the myth’s green leafs
away from forgotten
gray stones of memories
To greet the arrival
Of children of light
One by one
on the new free planet
of Red Earth.

I am here,
Inside the streams
Splashing words
With my paddling boat
Water listens deeply
To my silent pray for clarity
And smile at my try,
Desire to be one of the brightest drop
inside the streams of love.

My mortality will end soon,
all drops must disappear
in the fluid water
flow unconditional
in streams, rivers, oceans
or falling rains.

Forests are deep,
Solid wood smells ancient ,
Joy climbs on the roots
Of silence
and peel my own image,
Inside all seeds
the reflection
Wait to be released ,
End of all seperations.

The unmoved part of my heart
Can’t wait to be touched
by the softness or
the hard nails
of destiny’s fingers .
I know,
is the answer to my calling.

Ah, how many more poems are waiting
In this still earth
Inside my heart
To be known,
to be said,
through soundless words
to love and to be known
with love.

Freedom is
The mystery of water
A gift of divine
To all living souls.
After each rain,
Solid wood smells ancient
And Iris is a guest of honor
In the house of a fresh air
Where I sing for Him,
From my endless love
To infinity behind
My aching heart.

Just before dusk,
Moon steals a part of my love,
In a shape of lips
That lives
inside her beautiful white smile,
whenever she kisses Him,
It is my love
Carry her soul
To his home.

Just before dawn,
I hear the music,
audience is gone,
Moon and Sun,
Sky and my peeled
courageous heart
empty of
all lost souls,
stepping through l
the portal of light
And meet The Spirit.

In this still point
on the Red earth,
We dance
In freedom, in love
We are the magic of love,
We are stones, pillars,
ponds, lakes, forests, flowers.
we are godlikes,
the builders of Heaven on red earth.

The gateway is open,
See beyond.

White Horses

White horses run through
the field of silence,
wind measures their grace,
sky covers their eyes,
with hazy mist,
so they discover
the force in their legs,
the beauty in their moves,
the infinte presence,
in their marble veins.

lighter and lighter
in dust
joining the floating clouds
neither white,
nor horse,
just fugitive souls,
returning home.
© Serena Devi, August 2011

My home

My kitchen is orange,
My bedroom painted
In lavender.

My books are on the shelves,
Curtains are silk,
Torquay green.

Two crimson armchairs,
A poet,
with a friend.
Bite pieces of a cake
Eating friendship,
Laugh spontaneous.

One mirror
in a hallway,
one heart,
An open door
To the world,
Many possibilities…

A new life,
between walls,
In boundless space,
To be,
To choose
New things,
New ways
of seeing
And living.

All paths,
arrives to
One truth.

We never leave home,
Just short,
Long walks
Around the block,
Around the world.

Perhaps new furniture,
Or new paints,
Change the curtains,
or add few shelves.

The mirror,
Reflects the truth
of our home.
Keep it polished.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2011

The Warrior woman

Standing by the sea,
Facing the change,
Strong wind
Touching her skin.

With arms outstretched
Listening to the waves.

The wind to coil
Around her flesh,
Centering in
Roots of trust.

Uncertainty will pass,
The countless transformations
Will make her soul strong
Yielding to feminine nature,
Staying in love,
staying neutral.

Leaving her armors at shore
She embraces the vulnerability inside.
The battle is close,
The army is gathering forces,
She is alone.
The warrior woman,
Without resistance,
Changing constantly,
Shifting her nature
To the tamed flow.

She stands
Out of the visibility
Mimic the rain cloud
Change her vision,
Free of rigidness
She grows her wings
Join the passing wind.

She makes a friend
With unchangeable change,
Make an ally of time,
She blows a kiss
To distance shore
Where her beloved resides.

Turns all distance,
All matters
In dust.

The warrior woman,
how close death walks,
How being naked feels.

She is laughing inside
On others attempt
To resist the force
behind all,
Old trees stump
Devoid the life
While she keeps
Surrendering more
To what life is…

Keeping the flame
of her dream alive
In her heart,
loving all,
Time dissolves untrue,
next to her beloved,
Like a flower
In the garden of One soul,
Making love
With the sun
and the moon.

In the midst of change
A new world
opens up to her.
The shortest route
To her beloved
Lies in the middle
of her heart.

She is a goddess,
Like a tear,
She falls
In the sea of bliss.

© Serena Devi, January 2011