Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



The Red Earth

At this still point on earth, Everything unfolds Between light and dark. the little pieces by the hallway Are the repeated call Over the selection of songs In one album Called “ Spirit ”. Inside heads and hearts Change swims... Continue Reading →

White Horses

White horses run through the field of silence, wind measures their grace, sky covers their eyes, with hazy mist, so they discover the force in their legs, the beauty in their moves, the infinte presence, in their marble veins. lighter... Continue Reading →

My home

My kitchen is orange, My bedroom painted In lavender. My books are on the shelves, Curtains are silk, Torquay green. Two crimson armchairs, A poet, with a friend. Bite pieces of a cake Eating friendship, Laugh spontaneous. One mirror in... Continue Reading →

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