Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Dream of you- repost

​There are veils, Between you and I. Desires to unfold Remove the cloths from our fleshes. The curves of mine Lead your fingers To the undiscovered beginnings. In depth of our ecstasy, My passion wraps her legs Around your urge... Continue Reading →

Shooting star, new poem 

From one wave to another one, Heart jumps, Eyes cry Lips smile. And the inner child knows Her journey is full of bliss! She might feel alone, fearful and confused These are all good, her veins are full of blood,... Continue Reading →

Moments of wonder

​Good morning friends, My life has been an exciting and wonderful adventure of self discovery and realization. I never lived a dull moment apart from few years of corporate life in London and that feels life time ago. I came... Continue Reading →

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