Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Eclipse Monday 21st August

The journey of 9 years, trust, let go, courage and meeting myself, over and over until all layers of identity, attachments, fear, control recognised and by constant shower of  bliss are removed. I am in Brighton with £25 in my... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Love – repost

Silence, I speak with you with closed lips, Silence, I grow roots that moves the mystic night in me, a fruit tree full of waiting owns no seed, no fruit, just a house crying loud to be soaked with water... Continue Reading →

Soul and heart

All roads bring us back to one place, our own hearts. We begin early, almost before 5 years old, to imagine, to feel connected by stories. We close our eyes and listen to our parent’s voice, reading from the children... Continue Reading →

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