Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Silence, our home

​Silence is your home. Slowing down into space, stopping in here. Love, light, joy, contentment, peace, passion all are different faces of silence in you. Ease in now, activity might rise, might not. Life is a natural flow, some moments... Continue Reading →


Cross roads

There is no map for quest of love. For living by truth. Only paths, only roads and anonymous  travellers meeting at cross roads, sharing a meal, holding hands, watching the sunrise. They are no promise in life, life is the... Continue Reading →

Prayer of heart

I no longer can say it in words, No longer can smile it. I just can disappear in it, lose all edges, all names, all ideas and opinions. Is this love? Or home? Years of turbulence in and out, shedding... Continue Reading →

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