Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Mystery of life

​In the world of magic, no-thing is real. All real things are dissolved and disappeared into stillness of the invisible world. Out of the mystery the Divine feminine rises, receptive, warm, gentle and strong, in her long black garment. The... Continue Reading →

New Civilization & way of Wizards

Knowing is a gentle breeze from beyond, rising within center of soul. It becomes gravity of changeable seasons of heart, on passage of growth. Every step of the way, we write a story, by our feeling, thought and action. We... Continue Reading →

Rain and heart petals

​We sit silently in rain in wonder of its beauty and mystery, How it arrives and how magically it changes sky, lands, next door neighbor flower’s pot. How suddenly seagulls get quiet and how strangely pedestrians disappear. When wet leaves... Continue Reading →

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