Mystic diary -tea or coffee

​From Mystic diary – Tea or coffee
We awake to present moment and it feels it is gone or gets sour after an unpleasant taste of burnt toast or a hot tea. Something squeeze us from inside and there is nowhere to go and hide from the amonia smell in your nose, the ache in your heart, you ask yourself…

how can I get rid of this? 

How long more

When everything get back to normal?

This  pressured sense of knowing “nothing is normal, everything is normal”.

  All feelings are welcomed, like different titles of books on a shelf.  it is just this different tastes, sweet, bitter, salty and sometimes lifetime burnings. Romance, biography, history and self -helps. This awakening should have been over a long time ago, I had bookcases full of self-help books in my old flat!

We wake up and go back to sleep and again wake up and go back to sleep, one day, we wake up and toast doesn’t have a smell, good or bad, we wake up and decide to drink coffee instead of tea.

We wake up from tooth ache, heart ache and bad dreams. The feeling is inside us, it hurts us long enough, so we go and visit our dentist, it hurts deep enough, so we stop drinking one thing and replace it with a new drink. We awake to present moment through the window of experiences and life never close her windows. 

I woke to something yesterday, it is still hurting. I stopped the mind game but this run so deep, it is in the heart, the pain and the remedy. 

Life teaches us to let go, it is not about forgiving or forgetting the taste or the smell. 

It is about changing it to what makes you feel good, today, it might be a sweet taste of honey and tomorrow might be a hot curry!
Stop runaway from tastes and smells, stop controlling what to stay or go, just stop.

No need to tell yourself what tastes is good, or how your eggs should be made? Scramble or omelette ?! Present makes all your choices knowingly or not, you will experience everything from here to the next platform, the road is awakening and all you can do is to stay with moments. 
Time for morning something, coffee or juice, tea or a sense of self love!
If you listen, not in absent of words but in present of silence, you will hear what you want.
I did and today, all my feelings stretching into a new space, the window is open and I am about to go and make something! Knowing something and nothing are One. Only my choice in this moment makes this nothing into something.
Have a good day
Serena Devi

Stillness speaks

Summer is here,
The old ‘I”,
Would have made a list,
Of all likes and dislikes,
Would have chased the mirage
Outside of her reach
Till the end of her seasonal knowing.

The “I” here,
Is not
What it was.
She sits or walks,
She moves within
Unmeasured space.
Some call it love,
Others, living in now.

It is not her concern,
How the name sounds,
What feels alive,
in her entire being,
Underneath of her thoughts
and emotions,
is a pure bliss.

No word could create
The not knowing feelings,
If the seeds are not already
Beneath the soil,
No watering could grow

There is easiness
In flow,
Passing through the space,
Without knowing
What is next.

Without any knowing
“I “ and its stories ,
all are gone.
The sky is clear,
unclouded by thought,
rests in boundless cobalt blue
Quiet and free,
stillness speaks.

© Serena Devi, June 2011

From a riddle to an apple

Riddle after riddle,
Thread after thread,
You untie
The mystery,
Magical life.
Leave a silent apple
In my open palms.

without clear ears and eyes
Darkness is the only hope
Keeping the thieves away.

Your dream grows
In rose garden
Away from the hostile guard,
I jump up and down
to bite my apple
In quiet alter of your sky,
when twisted fate
Standing at the other side
Biting his nails,
To accompany me
To the next mission
On earth.

Can’t wait
For the next milestone
On my path,
more apples falling
From the heaven.
When tree is full,
Falling is
an effortless action.

It is too late to change
The length of my arms,
Living in moments,
Is a swift shake
To the tree,
to have an apple in hands
and bite
Free of all thoughts.

© Serena Devi, January 2011


Pendulum dances
Between two extremes.

Freely back and forth
In time.
rhythm falls
In still pond.

No forcing
No holding.
Simply open
To swing.

to feel the new things
To let go of the old ones.
Embracing worth
In everything.

Without holding time
Without making sound.

With the whole life
In precise time.

© Serena Devi, October 2010