Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


Zen koan

Awakening, Truth & social media

Life is so vast. Always offering a new space to expand. I walked most of my life questioning my role and purpose here on earth. It was a time I believed others know more than me, about me, for me,... Continue Reading →


Mystic diary -tea or coffee

​From Mystic diary - Tea or coffee We awake to present moment and it feels it is gone or gets sour after an unpleasant taste of burnt toast or a hot tea. Something squeeze us from inside and there is... Continue Reading →

Stillness speaks

Summer is here, The old ‘I”, Would have made a list, Of all likes and dislikes, Would have chased the mirage Outside of her reach Till the end of her seasonal knowing. The “I” here, Is not What it was.... Continue Reading →

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