Seeking home


In our seeking hearts
Song of creation cycles
In no ending desire to go back home.

Little hums change to rhapsody of steps
Courageous journeys to fight and honor
Our Fatherlands, or protect the only place we know as home.
To meet and slayer dragons
To befriend or defeat strangers
To get wounded by ignorance
And be healed by acceptance and surrendering
To search and find the sacred holy grail.
To die and reborn.
Away from ordinary, we shape our experiences,
In hope to move us closer to infinite freedom
And sometimes, we sit motionless viewing the battlefields
The marsh of glory, blood, and chained demons
And yet, we yearn to conquer the safest passage
To return home.
From the birth, our eyes seek and our heart longs,
For the unknown and unmeasured sense of belonging
The home we seek, is the boundless sense of freedom,
For that we take journey
Meet anonymous teachers, go to wars with blade and shield
Lose piece of our soul and gain piece of land
And wonder again, why our heart never settles!

Land, blood and flesh, oil and money, soul and freedom
Do we seek to own or to become free?
How often, we experience someone, something
That change and transform us
Beyond our own believes, and how ready we are
To let go and surrender to this rhapsody of steps
That call us into the darkness of unknown
And take us away from normal and ordinary.
Where do we really belong? Beyond our mind and logic
The yin and yang of life, the inner and outer space,
Where no distance is close or far
We take steps, the road is never straight,
And no eyes can give us the satisfaction that our heart seeks;
Homecoming is a process of taking steps into easiness of life;
to ease in self, To be in a place without a need to have walls or borders,
when every moment becomes fresh,
Like a taste of lemon and honey
Like a little girl determine to build a sandy castle before the next tide.

How slow or fast we move, we dance, we hold and we let go
Is a song of creation, designed and orchestrated by your soul resting
more and more in silent surrendering to natural cycle of homecoming;
in infinite freedom.

© Serena Devi

From Tehran to Freedom – repost


In Tehran,
The crows fly
Above the prison’s bar,
One by one,
Carry nothing,
Except fear.
In Tehran,
Pedestrians must wait
A life time
If they follow the law
To cross.
Unending wait
for the next stop light’s green.
In Tehran,
Sun doesn’t know
Where to set,
Mountains are disappeared
Behind the smokes.
In Tehran,
Original is a dream,
And everything else
is a version,
a copy,
an imitate of real.
In Tehran,
All birds
must fill out a form
Before they break
The sky’s limit,
Must chain their wings,
To burden
cry” we are still here”…
In Tehran,
Memories are
the only free zone,
That people could walk in peace.
The present,
Is full of hardship,
violence is the norm,
and kindness is a luxury
that no one could even wish.
In Tehran,
My heart is a prisoner
Who tries to forget the reasons,
And surrender to what it is
Yet, most of the days,
pain speaks her.
Only hope
Knocks on my door
once in a while,
In a middle of nightmares,
To whisper…
Soon, soon
you will depart.
In Tehran,
Gardens are caged
Between guns,
And children
Are not allowed
To chase butterflies.
Dreams are forbidden,
Being yourself
is a crime.
In Tehran,
Poets are cautious
with words,
Passion is no longer a trend.
Guitar players,
Forget how to play
all strings.
Music is a senseless act
of a victim
sentenced to a gas chamber,
smelling a red rose.
Behind walls
Fear breathes,
Low and close.
Anytime, anyone
Could break in
To plunder someone’s life,
And no advertisement for
human’s right
in the city hall.
The burden in my heart
Is a longing of a nation,
To be met again,
In freedom,
To share simple things,
Without fear,
To be a creation of love
Bow again
In fields of lovers and passion,
To Rumi, hazif and khayam.
In Tehran,
Many years ago,
I used to climb
High mountains,
“Inhale fresh air,
See beautiful wild flowers,
Smell and eat abeh gosht*
Rest in stillness shade,
Drink mint tea,
Steal kisses from clouds,”
It wasn’t just me,
It was everyone’s tale,
In laugh,
in happiness,
living in light.
we call those days,
Untouchable memories…
In Tehran,
I packed and unpacked,
Many suitcases,
many times, each journey
unfolded a bit of path that I was on,
consciousness on a rise!
This time,
I pack my longings,
They don’t take much space,
One small pack,
tagged in the name of god.
I leave behind
All belongings, possessions,
In a recycle bin.
I wait for no one,
I know after summer,
Autumn will brings
The right wind.
I take back my wings,
Free of all chains,
Attachments, beliefs, stories.
I shall fly to a new life,
Somewhere else
will welcome,
My wandering soul,
With open hands.
I will plant a new me
In its fresh soil.
I make a kite of
the pages of
my poetry,
and my heart
in silence.
* Abeh Gosht A persian food made by lamb stew
© Serena Devi,

” Embrace the adventure of being who you are. “

Serena Devi

The journey into your soul can begin with a poem, a song or a moment of silence, you may not realize it at the time but the sense stays with you and in time unfolds the path you have to take and return to yourself.

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The pounding of my heart

Do you hear the sound of gratitude in me?
the pounding of my heart,
the flow of inner waterfall of grace
on skin of my soul?
Do you see your smile on my lips?
I become younger, borderless and timeless
the deeper your roots scream your love
inside my darkness,
o, light,
I walk naked and forgot my shoes,
winds touch my bare skin and sun playfully
runs his fingers through my hair,
the end of our journeys
begin in the world
that my voice disappears
in your Garden of roses.

The wheel turns,
the new day; I wake to
is full of fire, water and spring leafs.

The wheel turns,
the new day; I wake to
is full of fire, water and spring leafs.

could I live with naked heart
and still be decent,
could all my doings end peacefully
on the planet of fulfillment
before I get too young
forget the darkness and shadows
that I left behind,
just to be with you,
after thousand years longing, yearning to come home,
now, my ink writes transparent
on pages of love poetry.

do you hear the sound of gratitude in me?
do you see your smile on my lips?
now, I see you flying above the rose garden
with my wings,
and my heart melts in love
without a shadow.
My light shakes in front of your sun,
this dust, perhaps nothing
but she sees the world of
mystics and kings;
where wholeness is the true home.

I wake up into an ocean of love
as the wandering scream of my feelings
goes up the golden staircase of your clouds
to bind the soundless rain of deep desires
with green forests of passion
in one ordinary place,
my grateful heart.

© Serena Devi