The land of silver pearls

The train crossed
The invisible borders
Where unshaped love
the fire
of unknown destiny.

Through the thin line
Of fog
Moving carriage
took the woman
to the land of silver pearls.

Birds, trees, harbor lights
The ocean beside her,
soared her to the highs
beyond hills and seagulls.
Where she met
Her tomorrows
Under the tent of night
In company of shining stars,

The Burnt candle in her heart,
covered her face in tears
To show her the invisible way
To meet
The beloved lips.

Under the golden gate bridge
Ocean flows
Wind hums
Her life time longings
To return to dust.

As the moon bends
To kiss her warm lips,
Tears falls from heaven
On her burnt heart,
Silent embraces
her broken clay.

The Beloved hawk came
his untamed desires
and conquered her soul
in his love
little by little
clouds moved her
their white royal carriage
to her eternal home.

The bell tolls
silent echoes
between gaps,
nightingale sings
the final love song.
As she reaches the gate,
The king
his welcoming arms.
She sighs
Ah, my beloved
“I am home.”
“I am finally arrived home.”

© Serena Devi, December 2011

Come sit with me under weeping willow tree…

Come and sit with me,
Choose a tree or a river,
Or the unformed seed.
And blow your breath
Love will do the rest.

Give enough time,
To this mortal clay
To finish this long poem
Of her life,
With all yearnings
Seeking you,
In any possible
corner of the earth,
while you sang
and play secretly
inside her clay.

Come and sit with me,
This hour is my only belonging
The next is yours,
To give or take away.
I tell no one
How faithfully
Naked white butterflies
Spread their wings ,
In your direction,
Circling around us.
How lovingly,
Softness of evening
Enters between
Two thin lines
Of horizon and vertical
Just before dark rises
From depth of the night,
Steal a kiss
From the fiery lips of the Sun.

Passion is the hidden path,
Between us.
A soundless stream of wanting
While your eyes gaze into mine,
Seducing my receptive soul,
To open and
hold your breath of light.
Her moans, longing to
To meet your passionate side,
In heaven of eternal love.

You bring her to life,
with flames of your fusion
Piercing her invisible wings,
My Soul aroused
With hunger and thirst,
reach behind
your dark green dream,
pick up
the last virgin white orchid,
in ecstasy of union,
she opens herself
to your hundred pieces of roots
Naked, pure, untouched,
She forgets her mortal fate,
And fall ripens in your love,
under the weeping willow tree.

A silent stone,
A yellow pear,
A song from
the secret garden of yours,
Like me,
Never been kissed
by God before.

Come and sit with me,
Between piles of ultramarine blues,
Between sacred lands
of east to west ,
Between now and the next breath,
Before I scatter my dust into the mad wind.
While the tea is still hot
And my feelings unfold
In your shadowy wings,
Pass through thousands
and thousands stars,
I don’t know,
How to stop this wanting.

I stop,
When I finish this hymns
A simple, colors,
Drop of love,
Thinned and squeezed,
Pure and perfect
On the great leaf of life.

Come and sit with me,
under weeping willow tree
Let me rest across
her white leafs of life,
Between the floating branches
And your shade,
On this little space
Called clay,
In which
I grow
White orchids.

Between two willow trees,
Two orchids
Between your light and my dark,
There is an open window,
To fly out, into speace.
While you and I sit together,
Sip our tea,
Gaze into each other’s eyes
I lose my gravity
Every time,
Fall deeply, madly
In your ocean of love,
Return to my unformed seed
and fly away
to unknown.

The next sip,
the next eyes,
when we meet again,
I know,
Through window or
Eve n the walls
I become so invisible that no-thing
Stop me from fly back home
and never return.

Serena Devi

**From ETERNAL LOVE poetry book **


Eternal love. Copy right Serena Devi

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I am so grateful.

© Serena Devi

From nowhere to Eternity


I came from nowhere
To here,
And love unconditional.

This love
Ended all resistance,
Sleepless nights
Wrestling with thoughts.

I came to here,
In front of the mirror
Silence is a free bird
Flying over boundless field of mind.
I became full of emptiness.

Awareness is my best friend,
Pushing me beyond the mind,
To the unconditional space,
The fertile womb
Mother of all possibilities.
The self in me ended in that space.

The smallest circle of my being
Started spinning, circling around beauty,
Entering in Now.
Free of fear,
Judgment, future plans,
Or expectation.

Love happened to me,
When I fell in Here,
Accident or plan
Made no difference in what I learnt.
Sensing the mystery unfolds its path
In each breath I take.

Leading me effortless
To somewhere.
Patiently, teaching me
How to behold the beauty of silence
How to dance in stillness,
How to get full and empty
Stay neutral in one place
How to move, unmoved.

I came from nowhere,
To Here,
Now is my only home.
Embracing my end
Begin in love.

I came from nowhere,
Going to somewhere.
This love,
In now,
Takes me to eternity.

© Serena Devi, November 2010