Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom

Heart speaks 

We, women are so used to act from our  masculine energy that no longer know how to surrender, be receptive and trust intuition.  The last few months, I let go so much and surrender my control every moment to allow... Continue Reading →


Repeat – To Snooky

~ Everyday, in everyway I meet you in me, in love. ~ To my beloved ~S~ Your San francisco, My bay, Your Presidio, My Marina. Loving piers Before dawn, Loving seagulls, Before rest. I found a new earth Step away... Continue Reading →

Today tips 

​-Release all past energies, memories and emotional links - Now is the reality we move to higher self vibration, forever evolving -Nothing is real or unreal. It is a play of life always working for the best of soul purpose... Continue Reading →

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