I am content


Wave after wave
Love wants to fly above fulfilled flowers
Blossom and praise.
Life is no accident
Those silent companions of night
Binding her destiny intimately with roots of earth.

Humans, in their noisy passion
Made her to forget her sweet songs
Instead words covered her innocent skin
Savage lusty desires nailed her soft lips.
The shadow was crossing
While the sun was captured in verses of uncertainty.

Love is simple when ripen within,
a sweet mysterious danger
is forced wide open
so far from your reach;
could it be God’s breathing?!

Humans are good with words
But the unborn happiness; the sonnets of Love
In her passionate music of sexuality
Only echoes in silence
Between the roots of two willow trees.

The magic of wind
The forgotten names of ancient paths
The intimate hour between feelings of two strangers
In sweat and ecstasy to become one;
on the edge of the two worlds,
weave upon weave
love is reborn.
All heaven’s grapes ripened
On the golden branches of sensuality of touch
In exhaustible wine of joy
Pouring out of the beloved’s vein.

I am content;
Like a Sun
Like a silky road to heart of life
When love flies over the breath of earth
The shadow falls and shatters
Into hundred seeds of ripe fruits
On my human mortal month.

No image of mind rests in forever;
Only the taste of love’s lips
worth waiting for till eternity.

There is a gentle heart,
Looking inward, without noticing others,
Surrendering to that faceless voice, sensual touch of unknown;
Immortal and infinite.
As her last human tears fall soundless
on the feet of Universe,
new paths open up.

Life is no accident;
When my human eyes are closing
And my vulnerable heart moves forward;
Love and I
Merge in a silver river
a passionate juicy song
built from piles of white dreams;
grounding kindly, tenderly, in here.

Wood, water, wind
Lying nude under the heat of love,
Gazing into blue sky,
I am Earth
the evening song
of Gods.
I am content.

© Serena Devi, January 2014

Two hearts


Breaks, it breaks,
the song of a caged bird
inside the forgotten breeze
it breaks the silence; when the anticipation of my heart
runs down the narrow path of discovery,
and my feeling weave a net of “don’t touch me”
around my breathing.
Then, I know,
all the new things come into life, fertile of free moments
to soften my edges of humanness, to make a perfect round shape of my breasts,
to take away the clips from my wings,
to let my throat rests is cool watery taste of melon and honey
when longing disappears, in tender touch and embracement of my soul
sunbathing with tides and emerging with waves of light,
when everything circles around my eyes, and my feverish body bends, to not break.
To stay alone and get used to solitude, where all dreams are squeezed
Into a bitter but heathy smoothie of Consciousness.
In hope, my existence goes beyond sway of curtains,
while my smiley face slaps over destiny waves,
and my heart, peels her skin of duality, in tears and sometimes even joy.

It breaks, soul maturity breaks my imagiery walls, fears of let go …
to sing like a siren and dance like a butterfly,
to be and make love as a passionate woman with every sacred things of life.
to drop gently on skin of Earth, like a snowflakes
to rest peacefully, like red tulips on the edge of grass,
to hold still, like a warm embrace of sun,
to let go, like a sweet song of a hummingbird,
to rise joyful, like lovers from one bed,
to accept who I Am, with no condition or limitation.
To love with two hearts, one for myself and the other for another me,
To let everything finds its own level, like a stream of a river, joining a sea.

To caress everything, with sacred tears or a gentle touch,
To have faith the journey of the ripen grapes,
To take a delight from shade of two lovers, hand in hand.

To know oneself is freedom,
to love another heart is an eternal dream,
It’s silence breaks.

Serena Devi, 19th July 2014


Could we open an intimate conversation
Without fear or resistance
To reflect, to unfold, to accept and let go
To let our life become a vast, boundless and abundant
place to meet truth, love and peace, moment to moment.

Could we look into each other’s soul and before calling another “You”
before blame and guilt of our hidden humans’ wounds
move us to act premature, unfair and sometimes even ruthless, could we phase and own our experience, without making another responsible for what we feel, think and believe. Could we have the patience and compassion with ourselves, to stay in our own pain and suffering , wait and trust,
without knowing where this opening to our inner struggle will take us.

Feel what we feel in moments, pain, anger, frustration, whatever comes, we embrace without labeling or changing it. When YOU is nothing but another suppress part of ourselves, behind thousand veils of illusion, could we just trust our heart and let the moment lightens another dark corner of our endless abyss of soul, to discover, to love and accept, to transform.
Our willingness and faith is the remedy to heal our undeveloped parts, to live an authentic life, accepting our vulnerabilities, accepting our dark parts and allowing is an act of courage and empowerment. The new space helps life to flow, to wash and heal, to direct and create.
By changing our perception, we experience ourselves in a new way and our vibrations shift from low (struggle, anger, self- seeking) to higher (forgiveness, compassion and love).
Today, mirror showed me that if I stop jumping up and down, the reflection will also stops, our energy is a forever repeating blue sky, when clouds are removed, all we see is Blue/Sky/Within.

Serena Devi, 19 July 2014

….always be you and I


We shall always be you and I
On earth, on the edge of life inside my breath.
One of us lives inside, the other, the outsider,
Watches everything.
When we soul gazing
It is not easy to look into your eyes
And hold the reflection, the depth of dark abyss of my thirst
to renew my humanness
without a sense of belonging,
living in this forever dis-orientation with all
just to hold on your invisible image.

We shall always be you and I
One centre and thousands sparkling orbits of emotions.
It gets easier when my ship leans on waves of love,
Even when rocks broke its walls and it sank slowly in front of the tearful eyes of moon,
When I silently drown in ocean of feelings
I still know the north of my soul, the south of my yearnings
And the sacred twin-peak of our west.
I rather to die in each moment to every desire
and survive in hope of meeting the fire of your lips
on my sensitive skin of wanting.

Everything carries me to you,
Soundless and powerful,
I lift my arms and my roots cry painfully
No more stretch, no more re-rooting and planting.
I press my life to hard edge of your dream,
In circle of seagulls, I let go of my grasping
And fall into a new moment
With whatever that waits for me.
If earth is not my home,
If you are not my destiny,
Why tears, why the aching heart,
How this passion never sleeps.

Show me, the other side of my existence
I no longer can stand the stormy seas,
Without a promise of the new land,
a shore close to your beating heart.

Each day, each hour,
Your aroma touches my lips
The hidden siren is awaken to the salty smell of your air,
the moments full of secret
take me into your arms
Without me leaving this stone.

Your eyes cut through my heart,
and your silence kills my human hopes and dreams.
I have become a black ocean, uncertain of my own tides,
Full of sleepless stars and words.

The root of beauty has pierced my soul,
And the marvel of passion has carved
thousands lines on palms of my heart.

Ending is close, the wounds are bare
And my soul is fertile.
It is just “You” left, the hums of my eternal longing.

Inside me, borders are disappearing in mist of love,
From a place deep within, a God is rising in a shape of a man,
With a perfect lips, stroking on my skin,
Aroused and satisfied, I wonder in circling feelings of his passion,
It shall always be you and I,
In surrendering to the beauty of making love.

Now, breathing seems easier, I can let go
And not be afraid of loneliness of my roots,
to belong.
Now, I can continue my travel
without knowing my destination.

My body,
My faith, my thirst or your perfect lips,
The illusion of time and space, I leave them all here,
and delve deeper, beneath my emotions and dreams,
deeper than ever before.
We shall always be “You” and “I”.
We shall always be love.

Serena Devi, July 2014, Brighton, England