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Lingering in love

Our two bodies
Naked, next to each other
Lie down
On the golden sands of desires;
Behold the undiscovered gentle touch
Of destiny,
in moments.

You climb on top my breath
Firmly touch my senses
My eyes gazing in yours
Yours, the quiet deep green color
Of faraway kingdom of love;
Mine, a feverish golden brown of
The thirst of earth.
Words clinging to my throat
All you hear
is the sound of my eyes.
Here am I,
Wrapped in autumn leaves
Facing the burning flames of your sky
My skin is covered by white earth
My touch softens by rose petals,
My longing
Is like a lightening in the dark night
The unleashed desire to disappear
In weeping clouds;
The shadow
has gone forever.

Do you see the shape of love
In hollow of our bodies together,
Waiting patiently
Under the touch of time
When your passion moves
Around my breasts,
My tights
My soft loving lips quietly;
These moments are the purpose of my existence;
To be fully naked, lie beside you
Vulnerable, full of senses
Swim in river of life
surrender to our passion as it rises.

Maybe, these two bodies are
Two parallel lines;
Two stones
Two birds
Rocked together, crossing storms
Facing fate;
In the bed of roses
Making love
Body full of thorns’ marks
Still seeking more touch.
My passion never ends
Everything inside has suffered and soften
In the slow emptiness of your presence,
My breath leaves my lungs
Into the cold air searching over
The horizons
To see your ship approaching the shore;
Water strokes our destiny
Wave after wave.

I dared to want you
Even when I knew
Loving you
takes away everything and everyone;
silence speaks in tears
ah, how much I want you;
I love you,
I need to be with you;
my shams, my stars,
my strawberries in snow,
my warm fire in dark;
my love.
I talk about our bodies touching each other
But the burning inside sometimes loses its fire;
In feels like a cold constant hunger
A terrible ache in my flesh and heart
To taste the sweet pleasure of your closeness;
So a bright star opens up
Inside my dark womb
Ah, the ecstasy and joy
Moment after moment;
I can die peacefully
In ocean of my emotions
In absolute totality of my senses;
When pure oneness lingering
You, inside me;
Like roots of chestnut tree inside the earth;
Like a thunder storm
In the mist of floating clouds.
On your waves
I go life after life
Aching, weeping and loving.

This life breathing is different
We are going beyond our bodies,
The reason lies beneath
your flowers in the garden of my heart;
the mystery of silence.
My love,
We will disappear
In sands, in foams,
In silent forests
In depth of awaken soil;
we walk this life together
Fully awaken
In winds, in eyes
In children smiles;
We lie down beside the earth
I hear your breath on my face
As we go to sleep
Before the next dawn;
We leave our bodies
Into the sands,
Into the foam,
Into the sound of love
Into your eyes.

~ Serena Devi ,October 2012 ~

On the road to Eden


Someone’s playing the guitar
Countless numbers of
touches and moves
Between my heart and yours;
I have gone very far
Deep inside
stones and wind of nights
Where light thins to nothing
and darkness covers the plum trees.

We lean into the shadow
to steal a glance of each other
as moon slowly appears
with all her simplicity.

I taste your lips
Joy arrives without a sound
Like a graceful swan
approached by a knight of light.

After making love
My petals,
your fragrance
your wine,
my skin,
our bodies
bathe inside
the great sea of love,
as our soul sinks
in the passion of God
again and again
The fire takes us
to a placed called Eden.

On days like today,
We come back as a poem,
Or a drop of rain,
Or a sweet squeeze of desire
To be human again.

Other times,
We just listen
to the guitar player
on the edge of the chasm,
playing the song of our love
for travellers
on the road to Eden.

~ Serena Devi, 22nd July 2012~

Angels are here, O my soul


When your small house
Overflows with joy of life
Angels return to greet your soul.
You tell yourself
The harvest will be fine
Crops will be kind;
My soul now sees the peaceful time.
You lighten the golden lamp
While outside is still dark
Light waves into your shade
Deep and magical
Repeat itself
All around you, in circles,
in songs.
The deadly fears calm down;
Between voices that rise and fall
You alone, favor none.

You learn how to mock
The length and breadth of the changing weather
And never be trapped
In movements of heavy storms!
You learn how to grow
Sweet magnolias and roses to bloom
On a same day;
How to rejoice and die
In a human shape
And yet greet your own soul
From day to day
Till the end of time
Your learning has no end.

You could always dream something else
Or get into fight with songs of nightingale
You could never escape from who you are;
Your heart is sealed by love
And there inside
Written destiny, your call
In large letters,
rich and powerful forces beyond
understanding of your mind
shape your walk through
dark gardens, silent deserts, mysterious forests.
Even, when you sleep walk
left all in white, your soul moves you
like a ship over stormy seas of life;
from edge to edge
the blade that unleash the passion of your soul,
harvest the beauty and love
like a yellow corns in wind
like white doves travelling into night.

Of all those stars
On the edge of night,
One vibrates
Like a bright silver hum
Around the moon,
It rejoices and dies
It overflows with joy of life
to greet the Spirit of light,
angels are here
O my soul.

~ Serena Devi, Jan 2013~



The knowing that once belonged to my breath
Now lingers on empty benches of the old dreamland;
Between fire and shadow of all the crossroads
many years, many places
I only remember his eyes.

I stand still
Before my breath touches the ceiling of the sky
And dark leaves of time cover my face;
I stand still
Between the squeezed events and heavy memories
Hope is my gravity
And earth is my freedom.

Do you see me for who I am;
Inside my woman
red cells eating my green patience
It is a mystery how the great tides
always come back to the sandy shores
And yet the one I love never returned.

I stand still, unmoved in my pain
I endured everything
I saw how my heart broke little by little under the sound of the angry crows.
I stand still in my body
Before time takes away the remaining of hope
Before time win my dreams over
I must sing with my whole heart
To all rivers and mountains
All bridges that connect me to
Trees, humans, horses and dreams;
I must call love with all my strength and faith
“Love, enter my body
Sink, slow and eternal
in a shape of a moon or a goddess kiss
quiet, width and peaceful
enter my soul,
spread your fire, warm and safe;
love, posses me “
everything has a voice
and yet my soundless tears
speak louder than hundred words;
I sing with my whole heart,
To see his eyes one more time
I sing to remember how to be a woman again,
How to feel under a man’s finger tip
How to enjoy the sound of his breath beside my throat
How to witness the unmeasured joy of giving and taking
in wholeness of body and soul.
Now, it is harder to stand still
When this shaking means something inside me
still desire to feel as a human..
I learn by loving, I forget by loving,
I wake up by loving,
I die by loving,
I only remember his eyes
Do you see me for who I am;
Only great tides know the unknown mystery of gravity
Coming back to beginning, eternal loop of love!

listen to the falling drops
on the unmoved part of my chest
everything depends on gravity
my heart stays between shores
faithful to wind and waves
dare to dance the tides
and love forever.


every day I search for a sign of your return
and I fall in deeper love with your image in my heart
every day I see life in more amazing ways;
every day I walk on earth and smile at winds, sky and floating seagulls;
knowing this love never ends
knowing my soul is yours
my beloved twin,
my heart soars in beauty of our union,
you are part of my heart
the dream of love
I never wake up from
no more words,
feel my waiting lips
on the edge of the breath
touching the air connecting us.
our time together is here
walk into my arms
hold my tree, my stars
warmth of my body, my hunger for your manly shape
your tender touch
your breath of longing,
let love swallows us in joy of union.
no more you, or me;
only rocks, only birds
only a whole dream
of lips on lips
body next to body
love meeting love.

~ serena Devi ~

Awaken dreamer


Feel the end of the breath at the edge of dream
where Buddha in you; sitting, waiting
in the place named love
receiving silent dream;
where awakening begins;
the guardians of light
descending from out of space and time
into the dream of Earth.
The unfolding of flow continues; so each soul becomes a source of light
merging, merging, into the twilight inside the earth body.
The journey is a walk, inside the breath
Where everything breathes and vibrates
Rocks, trees, the flock of seagulls
Stars and the Universe.
The evolution is a journey to power
Power beyond minds grasp
Power to destroy, to create
to become the crystal breath, the infinite energy
holding the truth.
The creation is a dream of the dreamers beyond form and space
In experimenting the images, the dreamers fell in love with themselves
Like an artist in joy of her own creation,
From this moment in time, the soul of creations moving into the dreamers dream and participate
In co-creating what appears as the world to human eyes;
We are the conscious co -creative dreamer waking up to our role in the wheel of creation as well as being seen as a dream itself;
Dream of the creation holds the ultimate power,
Power of seeing and be seen.
Seeing opens the hearts
Love reveals all answers
In magical song of infinity;
You are the dreamer who dreams You;
Conscious dream
In beauty, in love, in power
In one.

~ Serena Devi ~

you, only you exist


Exposed on the cliff of her heart
betwitched by lightening of love
sinking, in the eyes of spirit
facing her own reflection,
let it be loved
the undiscovered goddess,
the sediutive queen of night
in rythm of her daily prayer
moves slow and infinite
under the shade of sky
into her body
beneath the waterfall of time
ah, let her be loved
like a water lily
like a morning dream;
holy departure into the spirit;

now and then
facing her own reflection
waking up in depth
a woman in love
transparent and exposed
over the cliffs of her heart
whispers beyond the mirrors…
you, only you

~ Serena Devi, December 2012~


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