I travel with my heart,

over all bumps and curves of learning and growth,

I feel the warm breeze of a new life

touching my skin softly.

I have travelled deserts, forests and high mountains,

those silent cry of farewells, let go of what I loved so close.

Now, my suitcase is packed light

for the easiest journey of my life;

where I can breathe in ease and peace

where I can spread my wings of love

write and sing poetry, dance and serve lovers of God.

I travel with my heart,

through the cross roads of hope, faith and courage

to a new day, leaning on strength of my soul

enjoying the exotic scent of sandy shores beneath my feet;

Into the sea, into the land

my life grows into a bountiful tree,

full of ripen fruits; falling into silent lake of my dreams…

the infinite path never ends,

circle within circle

on sailing boat of present

I watch the waves,

and embrace the coming tides.

Always, I am back into my lover’s arms

with the taste of peach on my lips

and the warmth of playful love

hurling through the chambers of my heart,

the pleasure of white orchids

in their eternal bloom.

Ten thousand years travel

into unknown horizons,

one must ask

where land ends and where the ocean begins,

am I satisfied?!

As I come to edge of a new voyage

my heart says “come in”

fearless of ever finding a land

to build a house and grow corn

my heart is satisfies with forever wondering

in sea of love.

I travel with my heart

Into clear sky of my destiny

That God has given;

The open gateway to

The promised land,

Some call it heaven, earth or home.

I call it Soul, I call it love.

Serena Devi, July 2014

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Readers reviews

Awe for the Beloved’, ‘Eternal Love’, be it intended as divine (almost always…) poetry or not, has been at the core of the work of Persian poets from times ageless. Among them we find not the least: Rumi standing out among his peers, not only among Persian poets, but World wide and Hafiz as a second (or: first?) outstanding Persian poet acclaimed because of the deeper layers of his poems that demand careful reading and rereading to unearth their true meaning. Of him, Hafiz, I have a love poem collection at my bedside, ‘The Subject Tonight Is Love’, but on my night table resides also ‘Eternal Love’ by Serena Devi, as comparable excellent love poetry. Serena, born in England from Persian parents has as a ‘mystic poetess’ a superb quality – is it the Persian lineage? – to describe subjective love matter in a sparkling poetic language rich in metaphors, but never straying away far from ‘the subject for tonight’, personal longing, a craving for life enduring love. The book is like a well, spouting poem after poem freshly and seemingly ceaselessly; all through the book one senses the same love loaded intensity. I very much like it to pick a poem randomly from Eternal Love randomly – others might prefer to read it from beginning to end though… – and find myself then soon entangled in the purest love poetry, at moments surely akin to poetry from the great Persian poets from Rumi onward…

Who is the Master?

Within the labyrinth your feelings, behind stones and hidden roads, where dreams and desires seems gone and storm of change seems the only reality that your mind can grasps, you must slow down, become still, let your eyes get used to unseen, inside the dark, where all signs are slept in night and the melody of moon doesn’t have the bass to move away your worries, doubts. You can always listen, to that sacred voice within, silence.
It is normal to be uncomfortable, to be afraid, and yet allow new ways move into your awareness, and some old ones leave. What most of the time troubles, is our human stories, what we are identified with, how deeply rooted we are in the world of forms, how honest we have lived with our own heart?

The path of mastery is a less travel path, not much signs or even travelers, you walk with your shadow, sleep on rocks and cold grounds, days might feel like years, once in a while, above your head you see a falcon, an eagle, or just a moving dot, perhaps a bird beyond time soaring new frontiers. You wonder, if you chose the right path, or if you are the right person, no one is out there, in deep silence, it is only you and aloneness, speaking, showing, and giving you courage to move closer to center of your fears, where you can find whatever you need for the rest of your Soul journey.

Today, a white feather is coming toward you, untouched, light, and full of promise. Open a space with palm of your hands, let it land there. Let your eyes get soft around the ages, then gently touch the softness, fragile and delicate, it is life. You can write with it, you can put it on your hat as decoration, you can use it for a ritual, and you can listen to its magic. You can share a journey with this white feather into unknown and undiscovered parts of life, the first secret into Mastery begins with becoming Receptive and open.

You begin to feel the pulse of nature, hear the wind murmur beneath autumn trees’ leaves, you open to an untold story of moments. This feather is a better teacher than “I”, it arrives from nowhere, in asks for nothing, it offers everything she is, it surrenders to your touch, it become receptive.
Now ….Who is the Master?

Serena Devi