Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom

Beloved poetry …

Heart gets heavy, Before you come, I must change again, Before dawn. I hear your footsteps, Heart trembles, And body becomes weightless. Something races in my blood, And my womb expands In a new air. Alert, quiet, passionate, in love... Continue Reading →


Repost- vintage of love

Chamber after chamber Heart repeats her song, The vintage is close, Red, green, pearly grapes Waking up, To a tasteful wine Green summer ends In colourful roads of autumn, Where time speaks of many wonders Of stillness, Drop after drop... Continue Reading →

The home of Beloved

‚ÄčI open my eyes and see nothing, I close my eyes and see everything. I dance over troubles and bunt dreams,  I reach out and touch the peak of mountains, Dive deep in ocean of my heart and encounter shy... Continue Reading →

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