Into love

Every stage of silence, triggers a different sense of joy and peace, it goes deeper and wider, like a warm river washing all over your being, words become unnecessary and  breathing takes over.

I never imagined that aloneness could be so sweet, delicious and powerful and full of mystery.

Being grateful is not an option, when heart opens up,  gratitude, acceptance, surrendering and passion for learning, discovering and embracing all aspects of self, rise and expand.

Today, I am in such a state of ecstasy and ecstatic vision of Divine that my soul and heart kneel on ground of earth listening to every pulse, to every sound and feeling and tears falling and love dances with me all over the ocean of light, I am disappearing into life.

I am living, I am living in forever chants of love, in body and beyond.

I am home. ❤

Mystic diary -tea or coffee

​From Mystic diary – Tea or coffee
We awake to present moment and it feels it is gone or gets sour after an unpleasant taste of burnt toast or a hot tea. Something squeeze us from inside and there is nowhere to go and hide from the amonia smell in your nose, the ache in your heart, you ask yourself…

how can I get rid of this? 

How long more

When everything get back to normal?

This  pressured sense of knowing “nothing is normal, everything is normal”.

  All feelings are welcomed, like different titles of books on a shelf.  it is just this different tastes, sweet, bitter, salty and sometimes lifetime burnings. Romance, biography, history and self -helps. This awakening should have been over a long time ago, I had bookcases full of self-help books in my old flat!

We wake up and go back to sleep and again wake up and go back to sleep, one day, we wake up and toast doesn’t have a smell, good or bad, we wake up and decide to drink coffee instead of tea.

We wake up from tooth ache, heart ache and bad dreams. The feeling is inside us, it hurts us long enough, so we go and visit our dentist, it hurts deep enough, so we stop drinking one thing and replace it with a new drink. We awake to present moment through the window of experiences and life never close her windows. 

I woke to something yesterday, it is still hurting. I stopped the mind game but this run so deep, it is in the heart, the pain and the remedy. 

Life teaches us to let go, it is not about forgiving or forgetting the taste or the smell. 

It is about changing it to what makes you feel good, today, it might be a sweet taste of honey and tomorrow might be a hot curry!
Stop runaway from tastes and smells, stop controlling what to stay or go, just stop.

No need to tell yourself what tastes is good, or how your eggs should be made? Scramble or omelette ?! Present makes all your choices knowingly or not, you will experience everything from here to the next platform, the road is awakening and all you can do is to stay with moments. 
Time for morning something, coffee or juice, tea or a sense of self love!
If you listen, not in absent of words but in present of silence, you will hear what you want.
I did and today, all my feelings stretching into a new space, the window is open and I am about to go and make something! Knowing something and nothing are One. Only my choice in this moment makes this nothing into something.
Have a good day
Serena Devi

Story of now

Story of now
My physical reality sits on a sofa, sip on her Turkish coffee, looking at sky and moving clouds. It is 8.30am in Tehran, another warm day of summer. IPad is playing a song and as my attention moves between melody and silence, my non physical reality travels through feelings, time and space beyond my body.
These days, new feelings appearing, I have no name for them, I can categorize them, give them dimension and meaning, let mind makes new veils of illusion or I just can sit here, sip on my coffee and witness the rise and fall of attention thru moments, without interference of mind.
Is it grace or bliss? Is it “I”or not “I” that sees and hears, feels and let go of each breath!

I wonder…

I focus on my heart and smile appears on a face that is so beautiful 🙂 and yet is no longer mine.

I am just swimming in moments and after years of constant appearance, control, direction, seeking, questioning, expecting, it is a true freedom to let life moves me, not knowing where I begin and where I will end.

I used to be attached to labels, being professional in work, in art, even in spirituality :)))

Today, I announce my nameless self, I am no one, no-thing. Empty, so empty that I can hear the echo of God’s laughter.

One dream has ended in a full circle, a new one began.

The never ending of love’s journey thru time, space, form and dimensions burnt my human skin, broken my human heart, over and over, finally awaken is full, here, in this gentle, soft and open moment which is called ” serena” and she is loved and universe thru her. 

This is my momentary self realization, simple and full of passion, embracing serenity and silence that life offers just right now, right here.
In dance of life.
~ Serena Devi