Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


Authentic self

Silence, our home

​Silence is your home. Slowing down into space, stopping in here. Love, light, joy, contentment, peace, passion all are different faces of silence in you. Ease in now, activity might rise, might not. Life is a natural flow, some moments... Continue Reading →


The home of Beloved

​I open my eyes and see nothing, I close my eyes and see everything. I dance over troubles and bunt dreams,  I reach out and touch the peak of mountains, Dive deep in ocean of my heart and encounter shy... Continue Reading →

Today tips 

​-Release all past energies, memories and emotional links - Now is the reality we move to higher self vibration, forever evolving -Nothing is real or unreal. It is a play of life always working for the best of soul purpose... Continue Reading →

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