Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


Authentic self

Life in shadow, deeper into heart

​One of those days, that patterns coming to surface and there is nowhere to hide, run away from deep wounds and self sabotage. So, let slow down, talk to a heart friend, shed and cry as long as it is,required... Continue Reading →



​In time we move into timeless. So much joy is available and the best way to experience this,  is to let go, free ourselves from any grasping, planning.  Just really get naked, feel the depth of our longing for living... Continue Reading →

Silence, our home

​Silence is your home. Slowing down into space, stopping in here. Love, light, joy, contentment, peace, passion all are different faces of silence in you. Ease in now, activity might rise, might not. Life is a natural flow, some moments... Continue Reading →

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