Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Forever You from Eternal Love book

‚ÄčAll comes repeating again, Yearning to be held, My old scattered dust on your new golden bridge. Over flow of my feelings, In storms, thunders And the next day silent dawn. The roads are never empty Into them, I met... Continue Reading →

My true love

‚ÄčI ask myself, what my heart already knows. I love Him, I love Him The one inside me, love breaks my heart  and I learn from the edge of pain to curvy line of dreams. I love him, my forever... Continue Reading →

April 2017- to all light workers

Spring is a promise of a new encounters On peak of every leaf anticipation grows Sun stays longer in sky of happening And lovers begin exchange glances. April, is a secret pathway between what is gone And what enters gently... Continue Reading →

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