Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Warrior woman

Standing by the sea, Facing the change, Strong wind Touching her skin. Naked, With arms outstretched Listening to the waves. Allowing The wind to coil Around her flesh, Centering in Roots of trust. Uncertainty will pass, The countless transformations Will... Continue Reading →


Lips of God

‚ÄčIt comes once in a lifetime But it leaves a footprint on your heart. It touched the ground beneath, It fills your being with fiercely passion, It shakes you like a tornado, It leaves you with no words, Just ecstasy... Continue Reading →


‚ÄčIn time we move into timeless. So much joy is available and the best way to experience this,  is to let go, free ourselves from any grasping, planning.  Just really get naked, feel the depth of our longing for living... Continue Reading →

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