Before Dawn

What do we see in darkness?

Is this darkness true?

I am in love with dawn,

When stars kiss the jet black sky

Before light arrives.

I am on my veranda again, 

looking at stars, moon is at the other side,

 can’t see through her light!

I am curious, 

in my deep longing to meet God in every experience.

 I am in so much love

 and devotion to this just one moment, 

when my eyes are his

 and his heart, mine.

God is here and I am gone.

5.43 am, Larnaca

Photo, same sky, same veranda before dawn 😃

Where am I with this “I”?

Where am I?
In my head
In my throat
In fullness of fear
Or emptiness of love.

Where am I
When others,
Telling me
how to live
my life…

Where am I with
eternal threads
of light
In each breath
I inhale…

I know nothing is mine
Part of me
cry to die.

To die, with sadness
To die, with happiness
Die, to wake up
In another me.

To die from vastness
Of noise
In my head.

Die, to fall in love
Die, to be in silence.

Part of me cry to die
so ache keeps love alive.

Where am I
with the black hole
Unfulfilled desires
Blanking my sight.

Am I the knower?

I could no longer
This moment.
Not knowing,
The voice
The knower in me
This “I”
Is the illusion.

Where am I with this “I”
When there is nothing to be known
And no body is here
To know that.

In the background
Behind the voice,
Silence rests.

© Serena Devi, October 2010