Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


dance of love

Come my love

​Come my love, Gentle and soft Like a northen river Warm and strong Like Earth Abundent and vast Like a sky Passionate & tactile Like a sun Come my love with all the hidden mysteries of love with open heart... Continue Reading →


Rain and heart petals

​We sit silently in rain in wonder of its beauty and mystery, How it arrives and how magically it changes sky, lands, next door neighbor flower’s pot. How suddenly seagulls get quiet and how strangely pedestrians disappear. When wet leaves... Continue Reading →

I love you!

​Love burns all untrue aspects of self, the other! Faces dissolves, doubts & fears transforms into shimmering faith. Your heart always know the true face of the beloved. You take the quest, pilgrimage to true love. You lose every image... Continue Reading →

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