Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


dance of love

Life with no past, no furure

​I have been pondering on this thought and desire for a while, what if life is truly purposeless, what if nothing suppose to be planned and achieved. What if all we, humans will ever needed to do is to allow... Continue Reading →

Herioc Quest

Wishing a truthful Saturday to all. ~ Heroic Quest ~ A Hero lives within each of us and when activated, she/he leads us to embracing the invisible and unknown parts of our life journey. The quest seems  full of danger,... Continue Reading →

A stranger, my lover

​In a room full of light, shadow has no space to play a part.  Walls seem falling out of their frames, inside seems widen an outside disappearing in landscape of time. the last two weeks inside the walls, not knowing... Continue Reading →

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