Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


dark night of soul

Life in shadow, deeper into heart

​One of those days, that patterns coming to surface and there is nowhere to hide, run away from deep wounds and self sabotage. So, let slow down, talk to a heart friend, shed and cry as long as it is,required... Continue Reading →


Faceless Mystics 

They are vast fields, wild flowers and sunbeams in every sip on cup of gratitude. Mystics walk out of ordinary roads, on their tracks, lavenders grow and fountains appear. Their cups of gratitude is full of sacred moments between intention... Continue Reading →

Akashic Art Mandala

​~ Akashic Art Making - Mandala Akasha Art and Mandala making/reading is a unique offering, merged through years of spiritual practice and connection with creative frequencies of Gaia and Spirit. It offers a centre to access the blue print of... Continue Reading →

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