Let it Be


Love, the beautiful agony
glows like a full moon,
pulls like a fragrance of a lily
releases like a sigh in a wilderness
Empties like a shadow that is gone
fulfills like the taste of a kiss
repeats, in sequences of heart’s yearnings
transforms in solitary quiet, making pearls,
inside the body of ocean,
love, the hollow between two waves,
the sound of drops
in a crystal cup
ah, love…enriches my essence,
touch and nurture my skin
I want more of this love….
flames and ashes,
dancing naked around fire
chanting my beloved name…
Ah… My Yar, my beloved,
end my burning, end my thirst
let my longing heart falls into web of your body,
Loving is the home of Now, where we are entwined
body and soul., as one
I am in love again….ah.. I am in love again…

What say you, my beloved, will you take my hand and offer your heart,
will you promise the eternal togetherness with no wall or fear, where beside each other, we sleep naked and fly with our own wings, in one direction… Truth
Will you promise your now and let my heart breaks over and over into delightful laugher….

He said ” Drop all words, let it be” let it be.
I dropped everything…and my heart shivers in your dream… come, come, I kiss your wounds and I wash the pain away.. I am You,
I am in love again….

~Serena Devi


November 2014


November is the month of clarity and focus on your Divine destiny. Face your fears and trust all coming moments of change and let go. A massive possibilities are opening up to souls that are ready to embrace their light legacy.

For some of us, life was never about safety or comfort. We came to earth to fulfill divine’s will, as a messenger, a warrior or a healer and teacher. Whatever you have taken on, your soul carry your highest potential blue print, all you need to do ,is to fall in silence and surrender to your moments as they rise, let your essence pulse, its vibration will lead you to fulfill your life purpose.
It is time of a deep trust, as we are facing the end of 2014, many old patterns and behaviors are falling apart, it might appear as a distruction. It might feel being hanged in a middle of emptiness, no one to turn to, no where to land, you might feel lost and tired. This is just old energy leaving your body, open up to light and love, let your heart breaks over and over by shattering of your dreams and believes, you will come out of 2014, stronger and more pure and clear than ever. by the 16th December, you begin to arrive to new consciousness which moves you effortless to your mission and purpose on earth
Embrace everything and don’t hold on any belief and way of doing, practice inner silence and get less engaged with outer stories… all is well, heaven is landing on earth.
Be love

A Stranger

Across the mirror

Over the last few months, since I moved back to UK and living in Brighton, my life has become more settling in body and clearing old patterns and learn new ways of relating to myself and the world around me.

I haven’t had much time or energy to sit and actually tap into my heart and let the observer within, rest in these new knowing, let silent write the words and my heart paints new landscapes of discovery. What I am about to share here, today is about a brief encounter with someone who after years of solitude I felt attracted to, it is short, without physical or even emotional intimacy, but my soul shivered by depth of connections, some similarity in our life stories and so much differences in ways we see, relate and reflect back. It finished sudden without much room for any gratitude or appreciation for our sharing and togetherness. I am left with a half born smile that probably never blooms, of a friendship that could have flower our both lives, with wisdom, love and sharing healing and trust. I wish this soul a great journey on earth and beyond, I wish him peace and joy, as he truly deserve it and may his heart always be his home open, kind and loving, trusting and gentle. I saw him as a great healer, a man with abilities to bring grounding and manifest magically, perhaps for few moments, my heart ached and bled, perhaps in those moments, I also met my own weaknesses and shadow, what really matters in the path of mastery of self, in loving unconditional is to accept everything as they arrive and not resist current experiences and let our emotions speak to us, in joy or tears, in hate or love, the outside, the stranger is always part of us, part of the story we tell and share.

How could I ever question the blue of sky or fly of seagulls above my head, how could I ever wonder of the unfolding mystery of creation in each breath that invites me to be more open and less judgmental of what I am witnessing.

Our essence is love and if  life is about to experiencing this essence and purify it through our choices, then I choose to feel the ache of loving in my chest everyday, I welcome all strangers in and love them without reason or  expectation and stay grateful to all teachers and friends that appear as a stranger in my life, I treasure their gift of presence and reflections.

Come to centre of my heart

When the colours of our wanting

Make a new sky, full of rainbows.

The bleeding cut on her face is sacred,

It is a reminder of those unaware moments

she shared with the shadow; without paying attention

To open gates of her feelings. Children gets hurt while their playing

It heals as their wild nature rise again over another wall, to touch another pink rose, to love another

The world in the eyes of children is present,

Is happy,

Is oneness.

A stranger came into our house,

The children were happy of a new playmate

Their share their toys, story books, gave him their piece of chocolate cake

He took it all, like a sponge. Good at taking, didn’t know how to play the game of love, giving is all the fun.

There was a thunder and moments of a loud noise

Later on nature got quiet and the stranger was gone.

Children stood by the window for few days, in tears and cry

What has happened? Haven’t we been kind, trusting and fun?

The walking tracks faded away, outside the door, only the paly of light and dark continued.

Inside, all lights were on, children forgot so fast, they know no time, play is all they do.

Sun and the night have stories to tell, about thunders, strangers and whispers of love. Moon always listens and smiles.

One goes, one comes, children play in the garden, chasing butterflies, sky is about to open up, ah, rain is on its way… their colour books are full of images,

Stories they have painted, the acts they have played, they don’t see a stranger,

They don’t know the difference,

separation is the game that only adults know how to play.

What is here is the experiences of forever changing now,

We can watch it, play it, laugh and dance with it,

The stranger is gone and someone is creating.

The shadow is kissing the lips of light now… and

Next time, when anyone knocks our door, we again invite him in

Give him our food and warmth, trust and share our joy.

We have so much to give, to share, we are children of heaven, we write stories on wind of love,

We don’t hold or keep, we race on waves of imagination, we know where unicorns live.

Magic is our best friend and no stranger is a stranger in our house.

We are one with life.

As above, so below, as within, so with out.

We celebrate our wholeness every day, in our dance over the rainbow.

We fall, we rise, we love, we become love more and more.

serena  Devi

Who is the Master?

Within the labyrinth your feelings, behind stones and hidden roads, where dreams and desires seems gone and storm of change seems the only reality that your mind can grasps, you must slow down, become still, let your eyes get used to unseen, inside the dark, where all signs are slept in night and the melody of moon doesn’t have the bass to move away your worries, doubts. You can always listen, to that sacred voice within, silence.
It is normal to be uncomfortable, to be afraid, and yet allow new ways move into your awareness, and some old ones leave. What most of the time troubles, is our human stories, what we are identified with, how deeply rooted we are in the world of forms, how honest we have lived with our own heart?

The path of mastery is a less travel path, not much signs or even travelers, you walk with your shadow, sleep on rocks and cold grounds, days might feel like years, once in a while, above your head you see a falcon, an eagle, or just a moving dot, perhaps a bird beyond time soaring new frontiers. You wonder, if you chose the right path, or if you are the right person, no one is out there, in deep silence, it is only you and aloneness, speaking, showing, and giving you courage to move closer to center of your fears, where you can find whatever you need for the rest of your Soul journey.

Today, a white feather is coming toward you, untouched, light, and full of promise. Open a space with palm of your hands, let it land there. Let your eyes get soft around the ages, then gently touch the softness, fragile and delicate, it is life. You can write with it, you can put it on your hat as decoration, you can use it for a ritual, and you can listen to its magic. You can share a journey with this white feather into unknown and undiscovered parts of life, the first secret into Mastery begins with becoming Receptive and open.

You begin to feel the pulse of nature, hear the wind murmur beneath autumn trees’ leaves, you open to an untold story of moments. This feather is a better teacher than “I”, it arrives from nowhere, in asks for nothing, it offers everything she is, it surrenders to your touch, it become receptive.
Now ….Who is the Master?

Serena Devi