Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Gaia and Humans

There is a deep dwelling in human form to be met, felt and expressed. A long journey within to the perfection of life, unfolding, receiving and becoming whole. The humanness of our existence is a door way into greatness of... Continue Reading →

Inside the wind, new earth begins

​She has passed The flames,BurntSunk in silenceEnveloped in love.The wholeness of creationIs the strangerWho has moved in.Fog is clearedEverything ‘ away from “IsIn her reach now. Hush……….Mo more wordsBetween lovers,A rapid dream happensInsideThe sealed lips.The dark huge oceanRests in her... Continue Reading →

Infinite love

        Breathing gets slow Almost stopped by tick tuck of clock. We get one with wounds, touching life To learn the art of let go, Eternal replacement of wounds to flow of life. No more words, what... Continue Reading →

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