Into love

Every stage of silence, triggers a different sense of joy and peace, it goes deeper and wider, like a warm river washing all over your being, words become unnecessary and  breathing takes over.

I never imagined that aloneness could be so sweet, delicious and powerful and full of mystery.

Being grateful is not an option, when heart opens up,  gratitude, acceptance, surrendering and passion for learning, discovering and embracing all aspects of self, rise and expand.

Today, I am in such a state of ecstasy and ecstatic vision of Divine that my soul and heart kneel on ground of earth listening to every pulse, to every sound and feeling and tears falling and love dances with me all over the ocean of light, I am disappearing into life.

I am living, I am living in forever chants of love, in body and beyond.

I am home. ❤

Be with me

Be with me, 

Like an ivory moonlight over a faraway solitary lake,

Be with me, 

Like a gentle fingers of a piano player 

following the song of his heart.

Be with me,

Like a sun touching the edge of hunger of flowers petals. 

Be with me, like yourself, the gentle, warm, loving friend who I can lean on his shoulder without words. 

There is no dream of union, of forever promise.

It is a simple opening in the heart of now,

When we both arrive naked and 

Baked through the oven of life!

Be with You, is the only way I learnt to be with me.

My ultimate lover, I see and feel you, in every storm, every pleasure, in my every glance into the mirror.

Could love be more silent, deep and transparent?

I am such a lover, the one who stayed alone in dark, in fear and bondage until the rising time.

She is a Goddess, a tender one, a warrior one, a seductive and sexy one, she finally became your dream of her,

And you, my forever beloved, her heart is ready, her body aches and her womb calling your flesh inside years of waiting….longing….turning to nothing but a portal,

To receive herself in you,

To receive you in her,

Love is her moan, her joy, her aloneness,

Her hope, her mission, her home.

Love is the movement of your desire in her veins.

Be with me, whoever I am, whoever I will be, 

It is always us, you and I. Dissolving in love of one. 

Loving you is my timeless  presence on earth and beyond.

Today, I woke up knowing our flesh will meet soon, the carving inside my heart is over. 

I am ready to receive myself

In all forms, my twin, my love, my home,

My highest vibration come and be with me, 

Now and forever.

We are moon and sun,

Sky and doves,

Man and woman,

Silent and words,

We are life.
Serena Devi


I sink in the river of love,

transformed in fluid joy.

Rain is gratitude of my heart

in repeated cycles of silence,

touching the sky.
The story of You and I,

Our every touch, night and day, 

Sings secretly 

the humming bird of eternal desire

to give and offer my womb, my heart

Aroused in ecstasy of coming home.

Ah, touch all empty places in me,

Let them bloom in passion of our love.

My beloved, songs go mute, my heart undressed and stars shinning more than ever,

This is our story, You and I,

There is no ending, don’t remember the start,

Keep moving your lips on my skin, I want you more than ever,

This seduction has a magic,

Pulsing in my body, raising my soul.

I love you in so many different ways,

Today, I love the touch of your fingertips,

Making ripples on river of wanting

Inside my womb.

Today, I make love with sun, sands and flying birds.

Today, I smile.

Today, my breath touches yours.
© Serena Devi

Love is our home

My love, 

we are wrapped

 with soft whisper of moonlight,

willing to risk our hearts to be

Intimate and exposed 

to ache of our ancestors bones and ground.

My love, 

In day light, we walk alone

hidden from dark

seeking reverence. 

Love me here, love me now,

Nobody know

what happens in the next moment.
My love, 

All roads are take us

to open lotus of our hearts,

At night, we make love

And dawn shows the real face 

of our intimate trust.

One more kiss

On marble of all uncertainties.

Life loves us,

I and You,

the two sides of one coin.

No more safeguarding,

Melt my heart, burn my soul.

I am here, I am now,

Love is our home.
Serena Devi