Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


Eternal love

Twinflame _repeat

Twinflame poem~ From Eternal Love poetry book available on amazon  You are my everything, My hums, my moans, My little love notes Beside our one pillow, All my doings in small or large doses are my earthy ways to seduce... Continue Reading →

~ OM ~

​Dear wordpress friends, Could I kindly ask for your support on my art and creativity. I am in time of uncertainty and asking universe to attracts and bring  abundance and finance to meet my basic needs. I appreciate your presence... Continue Reading →

Forever You from Eternal Love book

​All comes repeating again, Yearning to be held, My old scattered dust on your new golden bridge. Over flow of my feelings, In storms, thunders And the next day silent dawn. The roads are never empty Into them, I met... Continue Reading →

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