Where all these will lead?!
The storm of change
Un-root living trees of pain
bedded inside the poet’s heart;
mirrors are breaking; clouds are moving forward.
Landscapes of change gives you everything you need
To begin a new life, a fresh heart
And new land and soil to plant faithful roots
Filled with water and love.
Listen to what had always been breathing
The held-back silence of the resolute truth
What you always knew, hoped for
But never received, come to you.

Hours getting stronger into warm summer nights
you hear its whispers, like a running waterfall
something inside you is merging; enlarges all of space
coming toward you.
The end of prayers, the tasteless discovery flow out
from the ripen flesh of your heart;
dense, dark aching cry …astonished to be free.
Who has twisted you around all your life;
between the hammers and melting of your heart;
is standing in front of you.

No more running away, no more windows and gates
Isn’t this what you want, the dearest part of yourself
Alone, quiet, a graceful rider of faith.
Look at her, she has risen from dark, beneath all unsaid emotions
The forgotten hours of pain, the long bitter duration
to see, if you ever have an end;
the endless weeping crack in your chest; longing forever inside the womb
hoping, praying for the love that understands love.
many gave up when they passed into the invisible world
between shadows and not knowing where their home are ?!
you alone, stood by pain and outstretched your heart
to reach and touch the ungraspable ceiling of the sky;
higher than fly of thoughts, you dived within your own heart;
fought with enormous waves on the edge of every tree and rock;
to build something greater with pillars and alters in soil of creation;
in your endless vision for love and peace.
Listen, the one you always loved
Coming toward you;
All human, wounded and broken
But alive and never again alone;
Embraces her and let tears fall,
Let clouds rain, and flowers bloom;
Let birds sing and flames burn;
You would try again and again to walk away from such a love
That burns you and you never understand
The pain and the joy of living.

Bend on the moist breeze of the new earth;
Your longing has accepted.
Glide on your dreams,
after a storm all things rest in fate.
A Drop of tear, a landscape of heart;
leaf of a poets’ words;
inside the mirror, in her;
one world dies;
a new one approaching.

Serena Devi, July 2013

Serena, Bodhi tree

With deep gratitude to my earthy family and the roles they have played all through my life, in joy and pain.
They kept me awake and true to who I am, … my faith is my true home.

Do not sleep,
Even if you body has found dead
Under the fountain of light,
your wrist was slashed,
your wounds opened up,
in stream of blood.

Do not sleep,
behind ordinary life,
while mirrors break
under the color of nights.

Roads shape the pain,
into a serene
courageous tree
Standing still,
in the face of change.

This year,
my happy new year
in a sealed envelope,
full of dollars,
with no stamp of love
or affection.
Just a procedure.

I knew then,
It is the breaking time
away from childhood,
away from pomegranates garden,
and the old house and memories.

My share of bread,
has a price,
my integrity is not for sell.

Do not sleep,
when darkness falls
and your heart has no shelter
except your own light.

I confess to my own weakness,
Temptation for having comfort,
And not realise
the price is
my inner peace.

Life doesn’t come
with a manual and guarantee
unopened, in a box.
Most of the time,
when you look behind,
you see a track of tears, blood
broken hearts.
yet, none could stop
the ignorance of ego,
and help us
to hear the voice of god.

How many of us
sleep walks till something ends.
before we understand
the cycle of dramas,
Hurt is hurt, lost is lost
and loneliness is our best friend.

many dramas, many players,
none really seems true
under the sun light,
but in the dark,
what presses its thorns,
the unkind act…
it happens, life happens
to stop us from falling
in sleep.

Do not sleep,
don’t get numb,
Dont blame the act
or the player,
It all has a purpose to serve…
Stay awake,
Let suffering leads you
To new days,
Where laugher is waiting
To embrace a new you.

To rewind the film
back, back
to the day,
you were born.
Small, naked, fragile
covered in grace, full of delight.

Smell the earth,
Welcome the green,
Feel the breeze,
Your life is time,
treasure it
with living it true.

Don’t sleep
don’t even rest,
no matter how far
you have travelled,
thirsty, tired and alone,
Stay on the path,
follow your destiny.

Your rest will come,
When you no longer mistaken
comfort and peace,
when you no longer mistaken,
sleep with awakening.
When eyes are clear
from any perception,
you see the truth.

My body will experience
many more rehearsal
before it really dies.
in each,
I play the drama,
I feel the pain,
I see the blood stream,
and know
In each act,
I am more awaken to self,
and its beauty
and wisdom.

Smell the earth,
Be alive and awaken
like a tree
Stand still,
in faith.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

The timeless grays

To Snooky

In corner of the old room,
Memories are pulsing.

She remembers
her parallel lives
In different shapes
In permanent color of grays.

The woman
At the edge of forty-six years,
Gives her hair
The freedom
To return
To its natural color.

Gives her past
A chance
To put down
The heavy suitcases
Fly out
like a light feather
To unknown.

The woman,
of hammering inside
Press her face
To cooling hands of love,
While her blue veins
Blossom under
the rain of pain.

Many centuries ago
One of the ordinary days,
Before larking sunrise
While she was sipping
her coffee
She met his eyes
Across the old room.

The half-opened eyes
Inviting, seductive warmth
Looked at her curved, soft lines
with interest.
He read her
a poem,
He offered
his long dark hair
To be touched,
He left a ring
on her heart.

At two hundred-one
years age,
The woman
Looks at the empty space
In corner of the old room.
She remembers
The unsaid words,
The thorns left around her heart,
Press their impatient desires
To her side roads.
The unnoticed marks
Gently turn her
To silence.
Every day a bit more.

The old room,
Next to the china vase
A gray-haired woman
Writes in colorless tears
on a white sheet of paper
To define
The pain inside.
Her half-opened eyes
the ongoing emptiness
Beneath the grays surface.

the old room,
Ordinary days
one by one,
Before the sunrise
The woman,
on her coffee,
sits quiet
In his chair,
Press herself
To the unfinished love
Happy or not,
Press her lips
To the china cup,
Trusting the taste,
Her other half
Will return.

She turned
Five thousand years old.

© Serena Devi, December 2010

life, longing and you

I don’t know
Where you will begin
Where I end.
How many trees
The Simorgh visits
Before she makes a nest.

I don’t know,
How many nights
rain falls
Before sky, landscape, umbrella
Give up their languages
Allow the ordinary
Falls on the sacred earth.

I don’t know,
What this longing is
Pealing the skin,
Condition after condition,
Where vision get blur in dust.

Words are frozen
In the throat
Orange tastes bitter
And I still can’t get lost
In your silence.

Longing seems
all I have become,
In the wholeness of cycle.

My bones
Are cracked,
in solitude,
Graveyard of thoughts
Is full.

Hostility guards
The fake king
While the invisible child
Act carelessly,
Reveals the innocence,
Disappeared in the wind.

Where this longing takes me?

I am an empty room,
Away from open air,
living in exile.

I want to return
I want an ending,
I want fresh breeze
Through my windows.

I long for you,
I am receptive,
Will you end my exile,
Will you begin?

Will the distant moon
Offers her white cloak
to the dark ground
Beneath my feet?

I simply walk
through the thorns
of longing
Without be a burden
to any life
Including mine.

No end or begin
Seems true,
Life is
Infinite continuation,
So does the longing.

We keep repeating
Till we see
the invisible,
The sacred lies
in the ordinary.

© Serena Devi, December 2010