Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



The home of Beloved

‚ÄčI open my eyes and see nothing, I close my eyes and see everything. I dance over troubles and bunt dreams,  I reach out and touch the peak of mountains, Dive deep in ocean of my heart and encounter shy... Continue Reading →



‚ÄčOur knowing of I AM is more inner reality that words we speak with. It is more simple acts on our daily walkabout than big gestures and grand events. I AM, shivers the heart so deeply than only eyes and... Continue Reading →

Daily shift 2

The only strength we need is to drop our mind and let heart leads us, through meadows, mountains, forests, oceans of life. Offering our no-thingness to the source is our true essence, as arrival of cherry blossoms or bloom of... Continue Reading →

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