A Mouthful bite


In one mouthful bite
Oranges, wild berries and apples
With hint of cinnamon and chili.
I sense the crossing over heart-roaded
Where my life forced wide open
By the voice inside.

I sing my desires into simple poems,
Falling from ancient walls of feelings
Floating out into forever space of possibilities,
Surrendering to sweet and sour
tastes of their unknown future.
New frontiers merging
When inner weeping arises and blossoms
Into infinite beauty of a sincere heart
Going through seasons of life
Sometimes a joyful swim in stream of changes
Others, a long gaze beyond the hours of pain,
The unsettled and unclear duration of waiting;
The seed of happening,
Is there any end?!

Grief takes us, bite by bite
In fragile journey against
whirlpools and storms.
Can we spare any feelings, thoughts or values?
The double edge of soul, sharp and deadly like a new forged blade
Against all untrue,
still, silent and powerful.
I stand alone, in here
Between past and future,
In a single wave motion, free to breakaway
And full of holy desire to return;
Rest peacefully under a shade giving tree of earth,
Or fly above all roots and mountains,
Closer to home of stars and magical butterflies.

After a long dark longing,
The hummingbird innocent voice
is filled with silence and light.
What do we take to future, when every bit of life is holly?!

The taste; a tapping,
a scent of wood
A faint hum from distance,
A warm night, a sweet drink
And the boy who taught the lips the mystery of a kiss,
Thousand years ago and still….

I know the taste of life,
Fling with winds, intimacy with water,
Dance with cherries and write on summer leafs
The constant struggle between sweetness and bitterness
Of each bite. At the end
To find a way through against all differences
To sweetness of your own; the mystery,
the genius and the adventure of being who you are.
To walk humble and silent
To relate with all,
Dance as a dream
and blossoms
In what forever remains
On one mouthful bite of life.

© Serena Devi, April 2014

From Tehran to Freedom – repost


In Tehran,
The crows fly
Above the prison’s bar,
One by one,
Carry nothing,
Except fear.
In Tehran,
Pedestrians must wait
A life time
If they follow the law
To cross.
Unending wait
for the next stop light’s green.
In Tehran,
Sun doesn’t know
Where to set,
Mountains are disappeared
Behind the smokes.
In Tehran,
Original is a dream,
And everything else
is a version,
a copy,
an imitate of real.
In Tehran,
All birds
must fill out a form
Before they break
The sky’s limit,
Must chain their wings,
To burden
cry” we are still here”…
In Tehran,
Memories are
the only free zone,
That people could walk in peace.
The present,
Is full of hardship,
violence is the norm,
and kindness is a luxury
that no one could even wish.
In Tehran,
My heart is a prisoner
Who tries to forget the reasons,
And surrender to what it is
Yet, most of the days,
pain speaks her.
Only hope
Knocks on my door
once in a while,
In a middle of nightmares,
To whisper…
Soon, soon
you will depart.
In Tehran,
Gardens are caged
Between guns,
And children
Are not allowed
To chase butterflies.
Dreams are forbidden,
Being yourself
is a crime.
In Tehran,
Poets are cautious
with words,
Passion is no longer a trend.
Guitar players,
Forget how to play
all strings.
Music is a senseless act
of a victim
sentenced to a gas chamber,
smelling a red rose.
Behind walls
Fear breathes,
Low and close.
Anytime, anyone
Could break in
To plunder someone’s life,
And no advertisement for
human’s right
in the city hall.
The burden in my heart
Is a longing of a nation,
To be met again,
In freedom,
To share simple things,
Without fear,
To be a creation of love
Bow again
In fields of lovers and passion,
To Rumi, hazif and khayam.
In Tehran,
Many years ago,
I used to climb
High mountains,
“Inhale fresh air,
See beautiful wild flowers,
Smell and eat abeh gosht*
Rest in stillness shade,
Drink mint tea,
Steal kisses from clouds,”
It wasn’t just me,
It was everyone’s tale,
In laugh,
in happiness,
living in light.
we call those days,
Untouchable memories…
In Tehran,
I packed and unpacked,
Many suitcases,
many times, each journey
unfolded a bit of path that I was on,
consciousness on a rise!
This time,
I pack my longings,
They don’t take much space,
One small pack,
tagged in the name of god.
I leave behind
All belongings, possessions,
In a recycle bin.
I wait for no one,
I know after summer,
Autumn will brings
The right wind.
I take back my wings,
Free of all chains,
Attachments, beliefs, stories.
I shall fly to a new life,
Somewhere else
will welcome,
My wandering soul,
With open hands.
I will plant a new me
In its fresh soil.
I make a kite of
the pages of
my poetry,
and my heart
in silence.
* Abeh Gosht A persian food made by lamb stew
© Serena Devi,

The Master of the sea

The uninhabited moon
Is stepping toward the present’s window;
Only now
She inherits the festive of kingdoms of light.

The effortless walk alongside stars,
dreams and birch trees.
There was a miracle
In writing those love letters,
in wander restlessly in secret alleys of feelings.
Now, link to link, the lover like mountains
rest in an evening song,
And the defeated memories
bleed against the sharp sword of moments
as shadows laid on two-lined streets heading to unknown.

Who desires to die again?!
The old world is gone.
Outside of the city of stone and steel
The lover voyages over the new foreign lands of love.
Uprooted intense emotions illuminated by energy of light,
she left all in white and walk through dark forests
beyond the hills and roses
only now, burns in her heart’s deep twilight.

The lover flights in forever circling,
The ache in her bones decomposed the sand
She dangles over clouds,
the ecstasy in her wings moves her forward;
like ocean waves spread out
with her silvery silk touch
across borderless future;
while sun murmurs the mystery of love
in her shinny golden beats.
This is the world of the lover;
Honey and milk
Intense and serene,
Standing like brave lilies,
beyond stories of fear, hate and despair,
Hovering between light and shade
Tasting caramelized figs.
Who desires to die again?
No tongue of a lover can ever answer.

For those who fly into unknown sky,
Day and night
Race over the waves of love
Swing between two-lined streets
Twist in roaring of winds;
Writing love letters is a seductive temptation
To consult with death, fire and garden of roses
before make up something miraculous from nothing.
To plant a fig tree
In a centre of wide open sea,
To take root where they may
to move closer to festive life.
Between roars of winds,
the lover becomes
the master of the sea.

Serena Devi, January 2014



Where all these will lead?!
The storm of change
Un-root living trees of pain
bedded inside the poet’s heart;
mirrors are breaking; clouds are moving forward.
Landscapes of change gives you everything you need
To begin a new life, a fresh heart
And new land and soil to plant faithful roots
Filled with water and love.
Listen to what had always been breathing
The held-back silence of the resolute truth
What you always knew, hoped for
But never received, come to you.

Hours getting stronger into warm summer nights
you hear its whispers, like a running waterfall
something inside you is merging; enlarges all of space
coming toward you.
The end of prayers, the tasteless discovery flow out
from the ripen flesh of your heart;
dense, dark aching cry …astonished to be free.
Who has twisted you around all your life;
between the hammers and melting of your heart;
is standing in front of you.

No more running away, no more windows and gates
Isn’t this what you want, the dearest part of yourself
Alone, quiet, a graceful rider of faith.
Look at her, she has risen from dark, beneath all unsaid emotions
The forgotten hours of pain, the long bitter duration
to see, if you ever have an end;
the endless weeping crack in your chest; longing forever inside the womb
hoping, praying for the love that understands love.
many gave up when they passed into the invisible world
between shadows and not knowing where their home are ?!
you alone, stood by pain and outstretched your heart
to reach and touch the ungraspable ceiling of the sky;
higher than fly of thoughts, you dived within your own heart;
fought with enormous waves on the edge of every tree and rock;
to build something greater with pillars and alters in soil of creation;
in your endless vision for love and peace.
Listen, the one you always loved
Coming toward you;
All human, wounded and broken
But alive and never again alone;
Embraces her and let tears fall,
Let clouds rain, and flowers bloom;
Let birds sing and flames burn;
You would try again and again to walk away from such a love
That burns you and you never understand
The pain and the joy of living.

Bend on the moist breeze of the new earth;
Your longing has accepted.
Glide on your dreams,
after a storm all things rest in fate.
A Drop of tear, a landscape of heart;
leaf of a poets’ words;
inside the mirror, in her;
one world dies;
a new one approaching.

Serena Devi, July 2013