Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



A Mouthful bite

In one mouthful bite Oranges, wild berries and apples With hint of cinnamon and chili. I sense the crossing over heart-roaded Where my life forced wide open By the voice inside. I sing my desires into simple poems, Falling from... Continue Reading →

From Tehran to Freedom – repost

In Tehran, The crows fly Above the prison’s bar, One by one, Carry nothing, Except fear. In Tehran, Pedestrians must wait A life time If they follow the law To cross. Unending wait for the next stop light’s green. In... Continue Reading →

The Master of the sea

The uninhabited moon Is stepping toward the present’s window; Only now She inherits the festive of kingdoms of light. The effortless walk alongside stars, dreams and birch trees. There was a miracle In writing those love letters, in wander restlessly... Continue Reading →

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