Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Pleasure of a Hermit

Fell in love with the first touch of sun, The joy of not knowing of your warmth,  mystery of opening up  to born out of the cold nights of winter.  Rays of light came down on my face, And thirst... Continue Reading →


Dark Lord, my groom 

What shines Is you Inside the Moon. What love Is you Inside my heart. Yes, yesI heard your silence I am you bride, Here, All I am transparent white Dark Ivory All yours. Yes, yes, My heart is full of... Continue Reading →

Life in shadow, deeper into heart

​One of those days, that patterns coming to surface and there is nowhere to hide, run away from deep wounds and self sabotage. So, let slow down, talk to a heart friend, shed and cry as long as it is,required... Continue Reading →

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