Daily shifts

Energy is moving and expanding fast. I never remembered so much intensity in flow of Chi in my body. Feels a renewal of DNA, complete removal of past, let go of all habits, patterns and beliefs. Bridges to any comfort and control is falling apart. Mind wants to grasp, be identified and control and make…

Web of feelingsĀ 

Rest peacefully Inside the web of your feelings, the spectrum of highs and lows, From pain to joy, All welcomed. It is all you, it will be always You. And behind the scene, where only dark exists, Silence roars And You disappear. Serena Devi

New Era

  Today, something died, something old and heavy. I gave a notice on my flat in Cyprus, now new steps begin. Selling things, giving to charity, choosing what I carry with myself and what never will be part of my life. Today, an era ended and the ache in my heart says, freedom is expanding….