I travel with my heart

I travel with my heart,
over all bumps and curves of learning and growth,
I feel the warm breeze of a new life
touching my skin softly.
I have travelled deserts, forests and high mountains,
those silent cry of farewells, let go of what I loved so close.
Now, my suitcase is packed light
for the easiest journey of my life;
where I can breathe in ease and peace
where I can spread my wings of love
write and sing poetry, dance and serve lovers of God.

I travel with my heart,
through the cross roads of hope, faith and courage
to a new day, leaning on strength of my soul
enjoying the exotic scent of sandy shores beneath my feet;
Into the sea, into the land
my life grows into a bountiful tree,
full of ripen fruits; falling into silent lake of my dreams…

the infinite path never ends,
circle within circle
on sailing boat of present
I watch the waves,
and embrace the coming tides.
Always, I am back into my lover’s arms
with the taste of peach on my lips
and the warmth of playful love
hurling through the chambers of my heart,
the pleasure of white orchids
in their eternal bloom.

Ten thousand years travel
into unknown horizons,
one must ask
where land ends and where the ocean begins,
am I satisfied?!

As I come to edge of a new voyage
my heart says “come in”
fearless of ever finding a land
to build a house and grow corn
my heart is satisfies with forever wondering
in sea of love.

I travel with my heart
Into clear sky of my destiny
That God has given;
The open gateway to
The promised land,
Some call it heaven, earth or home.

I call it Soul,
I call it love.

© Serena Devi, May 2014

Spring 2014


Do you feel the breathing of earth inside your hearts?

It feels heaven is growing inside our faith, into its glorious presence.
Let go of all controls, inner and outer and invite the songs of new order, new threshold is shaping… to live life… is to allow the flow of present.

Have unshakable faith in the truth that speaks in your hearts,
It is the time to step out of the TIME and SPACE;
we have been waiting for this moment. in fullness of our desires and senses; like a mother -to-be senses her oncoming labor… the rebirth of Soul of the soul, in physical and beyond.
“It is time” to stand with our feet on a sacred ground of earth, with heads in sky and hearts everywhere. 2014 is the beginning of a new portals of light and inspiration.
This is the beginning of silence, keep listening… keep still, in non-doing, be a Master of your destiny.

You are one with the source, keep listening and eventually the harmony between the creator and you, will play out the greatest miracle of your life. ” I AM”.

May we all be blessed with the gift of Truth.

In love

Serena Devi

Forbidden love

Silence, I speak with you with closed lips,
Silence, I grow roots that moves the mystic night in me,
a fruit tree full of waiting
owns no seed, no fruit, just a house crying loud
to be soaked with water and joy.
Silence, come down from the throne of sky
from patience of earth,
break your cup against a rock
pull the body of my longing
into the fresh smell of wet grass
and wrap my human hunger with taste of
forbidden love.

End this poem in my heart,
and listen to eternal songs from my sealed lips
until my heart says “no more touch ”
and sky pours wine
over the naked rose of her flesh.

before lily reach out of the wilderness of night
and passionately make love with hundred universes
that weep for the bravery of a lover
whom have dared to meet God
after thousands silent nights,
what pours out
is a sweet taste of honey and mango of her soul.

Being with God, is the silent love making of morning sun rays
over the fresh flow of a stream
Running close to destiny of clouds, stars and haunted lovers
in forests of theirs hearts.

Serena Devi

Let go and Be


Dear Beloveds,

For the last few weeks I have been stepping back into silence, letting go of the old cords and way of doings and beings. Spring always has the potential for new portals of light and inspirational creative activites. We are truly blessed to be here and enjoy the sacred breathing of love and beauty as humans and as souls.

Inside each of us, a universe live and breathe in whirls in cycles, ends and begins. We walk this dream called life, look into eyes of strangers, we study, we fall in love, get married ,raise kids, go to exotic holidays, change cars, change lanes, sometimes in front, sometimes behind, we chase happiness, we chase security, safety, acceptance, peace, all emotions we seek, outside, rooted within, for some us the drams might never ends, I don’t believe evolving is personal, so consciousness moves forward in spite of my choice to join or stay, whatever happens after my body returns to the soil, is a mystery to all of us. Even evolution only make sense for the world of matter, at the other side, Absolute holds it all.

Words become more precious every day after a silent break. I sit in front of the window of my heart, watching little birds of faith and hope flying in and out, watching; how those small wings touch the destiny of air, changing it forever, in a moment shorter than a breathe.

These days, I am not certain of anything, it is the power of love lightens my way, showing me how to choose effortless, how to listen to new rhythm of a new starts, how to let go and allow the movement of fragility of life in my veins, how to surrender to God lives me.

I want to say something that I can wrap in silence and offer it to all lovers, seekers of Truth, but how could I? In silence, empty is everything!

So, I invite you to look into this emptiness, and let its vastness, purity and transparency consumes your earthy senses, in your thirst for Truth. Let all ideas of SELF die, and listen deep into silent of your breathe, your heart, hear the beating beyond time, beyond your human experiences, be alone, and yet together with all. No teacher, no lover, no word, no sharing could offer that sensuality that is much higher, faster and warmer vibration that only your soul could experience and understand, as you reaching closer to complete the UNION with ONE.

~The great songs always born from whispers of the heart, be a song of love and merge in twilight. ~

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