Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Natural way of life

Each drop, Each leaf, Each tree is a silent participant, Experiencing The greatness of existence, The natural way. Seeing magic and wonder In each moment, Delighted in the way things turn out, effortless. Amazed at the beauty of creation. Knowing,... Continue Reading →


Making love to present

Life has become a vast space allowing all happening, love no longer is a need, lust or desire. Love is sacred place to meet every part of yourself within mirror of the world. Your heart feels vulnerable and transparent most... Continue Reading →

Life with no past, no furure

‚ÄčI have been pondering on this thought and desire for a while, what if life is truly purposeless, what if nothing suppose to be planned and achieved. What if all we, humans will ever needed to do is to allow... Continue Reading →

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