Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Go back to sleep

A nightingale  in faraway sings a song. I am here, alone. His song crumbles on the ground of my standing. It must be a dream roaring in my ears. He longs for silence and I want to turn into music!... Continue Reading →

Stranger, Lover, my home

In a room full of light, shadow has no space to play a part. ¬†Walls seem falling out of their frames, inside seems widen an outside disappearing in landscape of time. the last two weeks inside the walls, not knowing... Continue Reading →

Love and Awakening

The dream of life is not what we imagine. It is simple, unformed and sacred. We open our eyes, thinking and after 50 years having open eyes Only when we close it and stop thinking, we see the truth, we... Continue Reading →

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