Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



My Body, My Soul, Totality of NOW.

Morning light arrives and touches my face gently. I open my eyes and still in bed, letting the rush of thoughts and mind plans fall into silence. I breathe deeper into the moment and hear a soft music inside. That... Continue Reading →

The magic of soul!

All roads bring us back to one place, our own hearts. We begin early, almost before 5 years old, to imagine, to feel connected by stories. We close our eyes and listen to our parent’s voice, reading from the children... Continue Reading →

Love Blows

Love blows Nothing remains the same. The barefoot sky walks on a edge Of shadow and light, Touched by passing lovers, Undressed by Sun. All questions end in fury of ocean waves, Reaching warm moist sandy beaches of tomorrows. It... Continue Reading →

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