Love Blows

Love blows

Nothing remains the same.

The barefoot sky walks on a edge

Of shadow and light,

Touched by passing lovers,

Undressed by Sun.

All questions end in fury of ocean waves,

Reaching warm moist sandy beaches of tomorrows.

It is not the first wave, overflows over

curves of waiting coasts, it is almost in

the end, when sun of yesterdays rests

In eternity’s bed, nothing remains

But a magic of a kiss

Between the loving lips.

Love blows,

Beside a naked woman, sounded sleep.

Summer nights are full of promises.

He may pass in her dreams, one more time;

With a smell of sandlewood and light touch of his fingertips.

Suddenly all thirst and urge disappeared

Behind the veil of pale moon.

Alone, she is alone in the face of memories,

The celebration of bodies, in passion, sweat and orgasms, behind the veil, the truth is fragile and fading.

Soul was peeled by love, scent of a lavender candle and sex,

before dawn, her heart turned red

And summer night became a cage.

She must run, out into aloneness of her feelings, into the unseen shores,

Crying over the wind’s shoulder

Waiting for hope, for his return.

Love blows, years are gone

She stands alone beside the cypress trees,

Eyes see, lips feel,nothing remains the same.

her heart is colourless wonderer

In poetry, loving and let go.

Memories, the fire of her blood, the power of her pen,

The mystery of a blade and endless curving of her soul,

Dying and continuing.

Beating in moving waves of ocean,

Unmoved within her own heart,

How can she ever reach to the other side?

Love kisses her lips

and soul flow over all dreams

Into the tomorrow’s Sun.

©Serena Devi

Heart prayer for home coming


Friday 8th May – Heart Prayer
Today, I pray for what my heart truly desires, longs and been expanding to.
Our Beloved Universe,
bring me a place of resident, a place for rooting, for building and sharing. A place close to heaven and its music, a place that I invite lovers, friends, seekers and my true love in.
A place for teaching, eating, laughing, dance and celebration.
Beloved Universe,
Bring me the highest possibilities to be Who I am, serve the creator, share with others, in love, in gratitude and harmony.
Beloved Universe,
give wings and strength to my vision, to Seraphim Vision and, provide me whatever is required to establish this vision in form, to build House for all lovers of you, to take their soul journey in safety, sharing and warmth of their soul tribes.
Beloved Universe,
give me the freedom of all thoughts and emotions, all memories and old way of living, nothing to hold me back to stand, powerful and transparent as a SOUL, as a Divine Vessel and BE a devote to flames of Truth and serve as an Alchemist, and seraph.

May before the next full moon, this deep longing in my heart manifest in the most amazing possible way, as the honey drops of heaven fall on my head  in each breath and the stream of forever love and joy of divine presence in my heart flows. I said it in words, I surrender to present, I bow to whatever rise and meet me in this moment and the next ones. Grateful and humble, I am in love of everything, and may this truth that lives and breathe in me, manifest the dream of all humanity, “HOME COMING”.
Love you all.
So be it.

Double world


In your double world,
where you no longer recongise the other;
He, who is so quiet inside your heart; pours himself out like a rainbow,
Colorful, warm and loving.

She, who is vast and soft receives his music,
leads him enchanted into the bath of light.
The glorious space between two flames of one
Opens like a valley of lilies, into mystery of love.
She waited so patiently, walking out of the silence,
purely enters the hours of innocence touch.
He was longing, long ago, for her to come and embraces the solitary man,
away for separation and sorrow;
New beating inside the breath of time.

When the beloved appears, the lover astonished and speechless
Recognise the magnificent beauty within his own heart.
All things rest peacefully
Inside the eternal stream of the truth.

We rearrange the outline of our lives;
Where images of happiness lingers on sharp edge of mind;
Hopelessly trying so hard to achieve some trophy,
some kind of ending; out of suffering.

Everything is here, in love;
Inside the silent songs of our hearts.
The man, I love,
The woman, I am.

Touch her skin, her shoulder, her wanting lips;
See the hunger in his eyes, feel his heart
the love beyond doings of the world.
A long intimate experience of your humanness and touch of your soul.
The unsayable parts of your journey, from earth to stars;
When your beloved arrives, everything turns into lessons and growth
Every touch on bare skin of knowing;
Keep moving you closer and closer to center of love;
Inside the mirror of your feelings,
The double world;
The man, you love,
The woman you are;
Turn each other’s body into a perfect celebration of life.
The ending of human, the beginning of Soul;
Hesitate no more,
The truth lies within your heart;
The beloved, the lover;
both reside in you.

~ Serena Devi ~



Where all these will lead?!
The storm of change
Un-root living trees of pain
bedded inside the poet’s heart;
mirrors are breaking; clouds are moving forward.
Landscapes of change gives you everything you need
To begin a new life, a fresh heart
And new land and soil to plant faithful roots
Filled with water and love.
Listen to what had always been breathing
The held-back silence of the resolute truth
What you always knew, hoped for
But never received, come to you.

Hours getting stronger into warm summer nights
you hear its whispers, like a running waterfall
something inside you is merging; enlarges all of space
coming toward you.
The end of prayers, the tasteless discovery flow out
from the ripen flesh of your heart;
dense, dark aching cry …astonished to be free.
Who has twisted you around all your life;
between the hammers and melting of your heart;
is standing in front of you.

No more running away, no more windows and gates
Isn’t this what you want, the dearest part of yourself
Alone, quiet, a graceful rider of faith.
Look at her, she has risen from dark, beneath all unsaid emotions
The forgotten hours of pain, the long bitter duration
to see, if you ever have an end;
the endless weeping crack in your chest; longing forever inside the womb
hoping, praying for the love that understands love.
many gave up when they passed into the invisible world
between shadows and not knowing where their home are ?!
you alone, stood by pain and outstretched your heart
to reach and touch the ungraspable ceiling of the sky;
higher than fly of thoughts, you dived within your own heart;
fought with enormous waves on the edge of every tree and rock;
to build something greater with pillars and alters in soil of creation;
in your endless vision for love and peace.
Listen, the one you always loved
Coming toward you;
All human, wounded and broken
But alive and never again alone;
Embraces her and let tears fall,
Let clouds rain, and flowers bloom;
Let birds sing and flames burn;
You would try again and again to walk away from such a love
That burns you and you never understand
The pain and the joy of living.

Bend on the moist breeze of the new earth;
Your longing has accepted.
Glide on your dreams,
after a storm all things rest in fate.
A Drop of tear, a landscape of heart;
leaf of a poets’ words;
inside the mirror, in her;
one world dies;
a new one approaching.

Serena Devi, July 2013