I am content 

Wave after wave Love wants to fly above fulfilled flowers Blossom and praise. Life is no accident Those silent companions of night Binding her destiny intimately with roots of earth. Humans, in their noisy passion Made her to forget her sweet songs Instead words covered her innocent skin Savage lusty desires nailed her soft lips….

Inside the wind, new earth begins

​She has passed The flames,BurntSunk in silenceEnveloped in love.The wholeness of creationIs the strangerWho has moved in.Fog is clearedEverything ‘ away from “IsIn her reach now. Hush……….Mo more wordsBetween lovers,A rapid dream happensInsideThe sealed lips.The dark huge oceanRests in her softWarm, welcoming shoreOpen upon his touch,Murmuring dark waves.This joyIs a daily weep,Inside each other’s arms.BetweenSoft…