Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Dream of you- repost

​There are veils, Between you and I. Desires to unfold Remove the cloths from our fleshes. The curves of mine Lead your fingers To the undiscovered beginnings. In depth of our ecstasy, My passion wraps her legs Around your urge... Continue Reading →


Return of twinflame

On path of truth Greatness comes with sacrifice. In this in depth of knowing of love which we offer and surrender our hearts In mystery of glances and touches. The bleed of love is soundless hum of “ah” Under weight... Continue Reading →

I love you!

​Love burns all untrue aspects of self, the other! Faces dissolves, doubts & fears transforms into shimmering faith. Your heart always know the true face of the beloved. You take the quest, pilgrimage to true love. You lose every image... Continue Reading →

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