Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Journey to love continues.. update

Understanding is freedom, it is the glue of love, patience and acceptance of all aspects of Self that brings understanding. As Cosmos waves arriving, our human hearts are more open and mind more silence, to go faster through the inner... Continue Reading →


One blade

​Who am I without passion of my heart,  Without anticipation of arrival. Without desire to run wild and naked  in green forests of feelings Humming with moonlight and chase shadow  Into the light. Who am I without ecstasy of our... Continue Reading →

Dream of you- repost

​There are veils, Between you and I. Desires to unfold Remove the cloths from our fleshes. The curves of mine Lead your fingers To the undiscovered beginnings. In depth of our ecstasy, My passion wraps her legs Around your urge... Continue Reading →

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