Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Eat my fruit

In a breath of silence; two shadows meet and melt in small dew drops on open lips of an Iris. In the gaps,  wind roars, the scent of love ascends the seashell sings the red rose blooms, the dream of... Continue Reading →

Dream of you- repost

​There are veils, Between you and I. Desires to unfold Remove the cloths from our fleshes. The curves of mine Lead your fingers To the undiscovered beginnings. In depth of our ecstasy, My passion wraps her legs Around your urge... Continue Reading →

Inside the wind, new earth begins

​She has passed The flames,BurntSunk in silenceEnveloped in love.The wholeness of creationIs the strangerWho has moved in.Fog is clearedEverything ‘ away from “IsIn her reach now. Hush……….Mo more wordsBetween lovers,A rapid dream happensInsideThe sealed lips.The dark huge oceanRests in her... Continue Reading →

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