Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


universal awakening

Come back to Earth

Winter comes and you know its essence,... You sit by fire and drink your coco remember and let go. Sleep is full of dreams; the emptiness behind each story, Silent voice of soul points the less travelled path of heart... Continue Reading →


Let’s die

Let’s die to all small and big emotions of unsafety, loneliness, hurt and betrayal, failure and suffering. There is no one’s fault, no image, no thought, no moment rises without being allowed, consciously or unconsciously by you. Someone wants to... Continue Reading →

A note to readers

Dear beloveds, friends and readers I have been posting on this poetry blog since 2010. It has been a great journey into my heart, to let go of many untrue believes, to unveil and unblock, to taste and share the... Continue Reading →

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